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Workshops and Play-dates on the Way!

By January 24, 2017January 31st, 2017One Comment

Art Central has some
great upcoming events!

Register as soon as you can!
Low enrollments will result in canceled events.

Sign up and don’t miss out!


Collage Play-Date
Sat. February 4th, 11am-1pm
Fee: $15 includes all materials
Come by Art Central for a collage play day! We will supply paper and materials, but you can also bring any other images/mixed media you choose. If you have never collaged before, don’t worry, this group event will spark your creativity and imagination!
Register in advance by phone: 805-747-4200 or email:

968 Live Oake Life

Ardella Swanberg: Beginning Watercolor
8 session workshop: Feb 6th, 13th, 27th, Mar 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, Apr 3rd

Cost: $185.00
This class is for the person who wants to learn the basics.  I teach the way a painter makes art.  You will learn to use your own ideas for paintings.  A list of needed supplies will be provided before the class starts.
Topics to be covered are:
Lesson 1 — You will learn how to select and use tools and materials.  There will time to practice using wet on wet, dry on wet and interesting additions to the paint such as salt and glycerin
Lesson 2 – You will learn how to mix paint to get the color you want.  You will make your own color wheel and learn how to use it.  You will try out several color schemes.
Lesson 3 — You will learn how to plan your painting and how the elements of design (line, shape, value, color, and shape) are used in art.  You will paint a painting from your own photo or sketch.
Lesson 4 – We will paint a still life from a display we make.
Lesson 5 — After a demonstration of how to paint water, you will try painting a wave or a waterfall using new techniques.
Lesson 6—You will learn about the principles of design and apply them to a painting from your own photo or sketch or by using your own photo.
Lesson 7 – After a demonstration of how to paint a portrait in watercolor, you will paint on from a sketch I provide.
Lesson 8 – You will learn how to save a bad painting by using the elements and principles of art and more paint.
To register for the workshop, call Ardella at: 771-0281 or email:


Hilda Vandergriff: Chinese Brush Painting Workshop
Sat. March 4th, 1-3pm
Fee: $30. Materials list on hand at Art Central
Have you ever wanted to earn how to paint using Chinese Brush Painting Techniques? Join Artist, Hilda Vandergriff, for a fun learning experience.  You will be learning century old techniques of the orient.  Simple brush strokes you can use for fish, lotus leaves, bamboo, calligraphy word for fish and backgrounds too.  You will receive a lesson handout and follow along the demo step by step.

To sign up contact: Hilda Vandergriff at 559-322-6557 or email at

The following materials will be needed and maybe purchased at Art Central Art Supply.
Any size Chinese brushes you may have
Black Chinese ink, ink stone if you have, but not necessary
Sumi Paper or Rice paper (as much as you would like to paint on)
Watercolors (Ultra Marine Blue, Perm Rose, New Gamboge)
A white ceramic plate or small bowl for holding black ink
White felt cloth for laying down the Sumi paper to paint on
2 water containers (one for watercolors and one for black ink)
A small spray water bottle
Paper Towels


Flo Bartell: 3D Encaustic Workshop 2 day workshop
Sat. March 18th 10:30-4:30, Sun. March 19th 12:30-4:00
Fee: $250 for two day workshop
Learn to use wax to create sculpture or to add dimensional elements to your encaustic paintings. No encaustic experience needed.  Two day workshop.  Tuition includes some materials.  Full list supplied after enrollment.
To enroll, contact Flo by email: or phone: 805-528-7983

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