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By April 14, 2012One Comment

For our ENCAUSTIC classes, we put the wrong e-mail for Flo Bartell – if you’ve been trying to reach her, I apologize!  The correct e-mail to sign up for her classes:  

Also – don’t forget to e-mail us at if you want to be at her demo next Saturday (4/21), from 1-3pm.  

I will be ordering the R & F Encaustic 104ml cake display next week – I’ve been wanting it for AGES, and I’m finally able to do it!!!  Hopefully I’ll have it by the end of the month!

Some of our other classes still have spaces available – remember that if you sign up early, you can get the “earlybird” discount – call or e-mail the teachers ASAP!

Please continue to spread the word about our “FUR, FEATHERS & FINS” fundraiser – We did really well for Art After Dark, but there is still a lot of wonderful art here and we haven’t reached our goal for 2nd Chance at Love yet!  I want to be able to write them a nice big check at the end of the month!

And, last but certainly not least, remember that our May show is titled “Underwater Dreams” – for more info, or to submit a piece for the show, e-mail us at

Thanks!  etty

One Comment

  • Denis Snow says:

    How do we make a donation to the “FUR, FEATHERS & FINS” fundraiser to help 2nd Chance at Love?