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You’re Invited! Join us for our January Silk Exhibit!

By December 31, 2018No Comments

“Wild Silks – Three Perspectives”

Featuring silk artists: Jeanne Miller, Dana Kimberly Hixson, and Martha Sparta. 

First Show of the year!!
Join us during Art After Dark for the opening on Friday, January 4th from 6-8pm. Show runs thru January 29th.

Wild Silks – Three Perspectives showcases the work of three silk artists who paint together, sharing their talents and insights with one another.  Jeanne Miller has been an artist and art instructor working in silk, pastel and oil for more than 25 years. After sharing a work studio with accomplished oil painter Dana Kimberly Hixson, Jeanne convinced Dana to try silk painting. Mutual friend Martha Sparta brought a solid foundation in drawing, painting and sewing to the group, and quickly mastered silk painting as well. These three artists, while focused on their own favored subjects and approaches, enjoy collaborating on projects too. This show celebrates their art, friendship, and love of the natural world, and also offers a peek at the handmade clothing they create.  


Jeanne Miller

My landscape paintings celebrate earth, water and sky. I love the American west, and paint as a way to honor and stay connected to my favorite places. I am also passionate about oil and pastel, and continue to work and exhibit in those media as well, but I find that silk so beautifully captures the amazing scenery, vistas and rock formations that I love! And as an instructor, it’s always fun for me to share the magic of dye on fabric, and to see how other artists express themselves on silk. (


Dana Kimberly Hixson

My oil painting technique involves many thin, detailed glazes of pigment on a prepared hardwood surface. The art and immediacy of dyeing silk provides a stark contrast to this approach, and is a wonderful challenge for me. The silk allows me to step outside my comfort zone to just ‘see what happens’ as this fluid medium is exciting and unpredictable. I’ve never worked with watercolor but can imagine it might be similar. I’ve always had a love of silk and consider it a privilege to work on it – it’s a true miracle of nature.(


Martha Sparta

I’m particularly drawn to complex, intricate patterns such as in cloisonne, paisley, tree bark,or snakeskin. I have enjoyed a lifetime of creative practices ranging from calligraphy, ceramics and pastels to textiles, pencil, and ink drawings – and now silk painting. When I started working in silk, it just grabbed me! I love the versatility of this medium, creating a beautiful wearable art piece or mounting on canvas or for wall hangings and pillows.