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“Wild at Art”

By January 16, 2016No Comments

Our Spring line-up of Workshops and Demonstrations – starting with Jeanne Miller’s…

Wild at Art – Experiments in Monotype and Collage
This workshop is held as two separate sessions. It’s a time to play, explore, and have fun while using nontoxic, water-based materials to create abstract art. For participants of all experience levels; there is no prerequisite except a willingness to nurture the creative spirit within you. This approach will elicit your creativity and curiosity; it is not a formal presentation of traditional art techniques. You will create gorgeous and unique abstract monotypes and may choose to create abstract collages as well. Contact Jeanne at or call 602-7817 to register.

Session 1 – Exploring Water-Based Monotypes  

Monday, January 18, 11am – 2pm Fee: $48

This workshop is a time to play, ex​periment, and have fun while using nontoxic, water-based materials to create abstract monotypes (single prints taken from an acrylic plate). For all experience levels; ​no previous art experience is needed. Just bring a willingness to nurture the creative spirit within you! This approach will ​call forth your creativity and curiosity; the workshop ​does not use ‘traditional’ art techniques​.​ You will create unique abstract monotypes ​which you can frame or ​use for cards​.  And if you like, you can attend Session 2 on January 25 to develop beautiful abstracted collage from the pieces you create in this session!  Some materials and supplies provided. Materials list on hand at Art Central (plan on about $12-15).    Materials list (Session 1 Monotype) small tube watercolors – alizarin crimson, ultramarine, and yellow (choose from aureolin, new gamboge,  transparent yellow​, or ​lemon yellow​ – no cadmiums please​)

Session 2 – Creating Abstract Collage from Your Water-Based Monotypes 

Monday, January 25, 11am – 2pm. ​ Fee:  $48

Prerequisite: Participation in the January 18 workshop. 
Use the monotypes you created in the January 18 workshop to make unique, delicate and beautiful abstracted collage art pieces. 
​Some materials and supplies provided. Materials list on hand at Art Central (plan on about $1​0-1​2). 
Materials list (Session 2 Collage) one or two sheets of handmade papers, small container of matte medium. 

And …. the rest of our upcoming workshop line-up…!


 “A Rooster in Oil – Oil Painting Demonstration” Lorraine Marie Cote 
Saturday January, 30 11-2pm
Fee – FREE
Come enjoy watching Lorraine capture one of our local roosters in oils.  She will focus on oil painting principles and techniques as she talks you through a complete painting from start to finish.  There will be time for questions and answers along the way.  PLEASE let us know you are coming by contacting Art Central by phone (805)747-4200 or email
Silk Painting Explorations with Jeanne Miller
Monday, February 8th, 11am – 3pm
Fee – $88. 
Some materials provided.

Silk painting yields beautiful results even for those inexperienced in any kind of painting or drawing. No previous art experience is needed. This method uses water-based French dyes, water-based resists, and chemical dyesetting. Assorted geometric designs, as well as designs from nature, will be provided. You will learn about fabrics, dyes, resists, and special effects. You’ll complete a handmade art piece, ready to frame, mount or wear.  This is a great session to share with friends, as you will share in each other’s energy and enthusiasm!  Contact Jeanne Miller at or call 602-7817 to register.  To see more of Jeanne’s work, go to

Jason Mayr – “Painting Mysteries – The Unresolved”

Thursday, Friday and Saturday February 11, 12 and 13   1pm – 4pm
Fee – $150
In this oil painting workshop we will be approaching painting from a little different angle. All levels are welcome, from beginner to professional. The first half will be spent doing exercises exploring ways to manipulate paint. The second half we will do a painting together using what we have learned. The workshop is open to anyone willing to look at painting from a different perspective.  To register contact Jason Mayr at or 805-234-6941

Juliana Welch: “Unfold: 2D Mixed Media Development”
Saturday, February 27th and Sunday, February 28th, 12pm – 3pm
Fee – $30 for each day.
This explorative mixed media workshop uses unexpected items in partnership with traditional 2 dimensional media in order to create unique works of art. All levels of experience are welcome! Students will be taught various techniques and encouraged to think outside of the box, break the rules, and enhance their overall creativity. This workshop is aimed toward the creative process rather than product. Students should bring an object or reference photographs which inspire them, as well as the additional listed materials. Some materials will be provided. For signups please contact me by email at: or phone: (858) 829-8463
Materials students must bring:
Micron pen or equivalent archival ink pen- fine tip (i.e. .001-.005)
Sharpie pen – standard size-black
Pencils – preferably one HB and one 6B
2-3 sheets acid-free paper (either bristol or watercolor/mixed media paper) at any comfortable working size

paintbrushes: at least 1 flat brush (any size), and 1 round brush (any size)
Higgins Drawing Inks (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black).

Flo Bartell’s Encaustic Workshop for Beginning and Intermediate Students
March 12th, 12am-4pm
Fee – $80 plus materials fees.
This class will include beginning and some advanced encaustic techniques, safety precautions and studio requirements. If you wish to participate, please contact Flo Bartell at or 805-528-7983.  Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!