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Thank you to everyone who has sent in images for our virtual gallery for the last 2+ months!  We will no longer send out a weekly blog specifically for our “virtual” gallery – but we still want to share your creations and we will continue to include them in our blog posts! 

Please remember that we are accepting work for our “While We Sheltered” exhibit on an on-going basis. Bring your 3 dimensional or framed art to Art Central – others want to see it in person, and we have so much room for more art!  This exhibit will go through the months of June and July, and there is no fee to enter.  Please see entry form:


Many of the below pieces of art are now at Art Central –

Please be sure to meander through our gallery during your next visit.

Rachael Wahl - Green with Envy - Oil on Wood - 300

“Green with Envy” by Rachael Wahl – Oil on wood

KC Caldwell - Back Bay Colors - Soft Pastel - NFS

“Back Bay Colors” by KC Caldwell – Soft Pastel

Terri Quinn-Faucette - Inspiration - Alcohol Ink & Epoxy Resin on Tile - 285

“Inspiration” by Terri Quinn-Faucette – Alcohol Ink & epoxy resin on tile

Karen Floyd

“Ladies in waiting” by Karen Floyd – Ceramic

Marjory Abeyta - Snack Time - Watercolor - NFS

“Snack Time” by Marjory Abeyta – Watercolor

Thomas Frey - El Dorado Tranquility - Soft Pastel - 300

“El Dorado Tranquility” by Thomas Frey – Soft Pastels

Terri Quinn-Faucette

“Alcohol Ink Epoxy Resin Coasters” by Terri Quinn-Faucette

Shauna Jellison - Misty Dusk on Palomar #3 - oil on wood - 200

“Misty Dusk on Palomar #3” by Shauna Jellison – Oil on wood

Chris Caruso

“Microscopic” by Chris Caruso – Alcohol Ink

Walker Norton

“Mickey Mantle” by Walker Norton – Oil Paint


As restrictions continue to ease up from the city, we are happy to see people start to fall back into a somewhat “normal” routine, we encourage you to find time to create and continue to focus on your health and happiness.

“Hi -How is everyone!.. I’ve been busy with birds during this strange time -All ceramic so 3D  Also did an interesting piece on what this period has felt like for me.”
From left to right: “Lady Head Planter” Ceramic 5” H X  17” L X 7” W.
“BARN OWL” Ceramic/wire 17” H X 7” W X  10” L
-Karen Floyd

Jim Tyler

“‘Between Hope and Despair’, 8″ x 10”, pastel.  This is a portrait of my brother.  He had a lot of struggles in his life, but found dignity before passing away from cancer last year. Thanks, Jim Tyler.”

 ” FRENZY ” and “LIVELY” by S L Andrews
“Abstract on once again with Found / Known / Objects.  size  32 x 60 and 31 x 20 Acrylic. Objects become my Canvas. To myself, exciting & Fun.”

“You asked me for a picture of my printing project when I bought the speedball fabric paints. They are very easy to use and the colors are brilliant and mix easily. They spread evenly on the speedball printing blocks. The density of color on the fabric depends on the tightness of the weave of fabric. Much darker color on finer threads. Looser weaves are paler.”
“The paint cleans up easily with soap and water. After stamping the fabric, they aren’t too wet so it isn’t messy to over-stamp another color. I haven’t tried washing the fabric yet so I don’t know how soft the paint ends up. I’d definitely recommend the speedball paint. Thanks for your help!”

-Kathy Wright




Click on the images below for short videos for some cool videos!



Find online workshops and other helpful classes here:

Photography online webinar – Nic Stover

Watercolor Webinar Classes – Tricia Reichert Studio

Visual Principles of Painting (oil) – Jason Mayr

A word from The Morro Bay Art Association:

“Our Gallery is now open Thursday through Monday, 12pm – 4pm.  As things get back on track, we’ll need docents, exchange and hanging volunteers more than ever!  The plan is to add Tuesdays and Wednesdays back to the schedule.

All California businesses are mandated to follow a “Business Readiness to Open” plan. Guideline measures required by the California Department of Public Health are set in place to help ensure that we are offering a clean and safe environment for our volunteers and customers.  At this time, you will note a sign on the front door that requires everyone to wear a face covering upon entering.

Can we talk about face coverings for a moment please?  Wearing a face covering while inside the gallery is not just a requirement, it’s an act of love.  Some of us feel it unnecessary, or even an infringement of our rights to be told to wear a mask.  We get that. The disruptions in our lives are causing some to struggle with devastating financial losses as well.  On the other hand, this thoughtful and considerate act, could save the lives of our friends, neighbors and strangers who may be medically vulnerable to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Covid-19.
Please, let’s continue to be kind and work together in an effort to protect ourselves and others.

There is a hand sanitizing station just inside the front door.  Floor decals and posters are reminders that we need to continue social distancing and hand washing efforts.  Aside from professional deep cleaning, docents are asked to sanitize before, during and after their shifts.  They are doing such a wonderful service for everyone.  Please be sure to thank them for their generosity and the extra measures they must take to keep the gallery a clean and safe environment.

All of these new measures are part of a “worksite specific plan” designed to keep us safe and healthy. This is truly an extraordinary time.  Thank you for working together.  Your kind and charitable spirits are the reason Art Center Morro Bay is such a great art center!”

-Patricia Newton


You may remember our fundraiser from January – many of you donated art supplies for our sale here at Art Central in our gallery. (Thank you again!) All of the proceeds went to MBAA (Morro Bay Art Association), who in turn created the 

2020 Student Scholarships

“Many thanks to the generosity of Art Central, Gisella Wilson and Mari O’Brien, amongst other generous artists.  Due to their efforts, students from Atascadero and San Luis Obispo High Schools were included in art scholarships awarded by Morro Bay Art Association.

Donations poured in from several generous people, forming this year’s “Larry Knapp Art Scholarship Awards”. Two very generous awards given to the Cuesta College Foundation, will make a positive impact on deserving students during the 2020-21 semesters.”

We are proud to announce that a total of $8,500 was awarded to this year’s art scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to these hard-working young artists!!
Atascadero High:
Tamara Castro
Alexander Zavala

San Luis Obispo High:
Erin O’Neil
Thea Ragsdale

Morro Bay High:
Nel Anthony Aurelio Aldea
Justin Brian Castillo
Faye Vavra
Sarah Weston

Cuesta College:to be announced


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