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what else is “in store” for you on Feb 11th?(punny!…)

By February 4, 2017February 8th, 2017No Comments

GAMBLIN Happy Hour… 3pm – 5pm!

gamblin-logoWhat makes it happy?  How about this… Buy 3 tubes of Artist Grade Gamblin oil paint, either 37ml or 150ml, and get a FREE 150ml tube of Titanium White or Titanium-Zinc White? 


Doesn’t that make you happy?!!!

Want to be even HAPPIER?

We JUST brought in a selection of Princeton’s DAKOTA brushes – these are GORGEOUS synthetics – and we are offering a buy 3 – get 1 free on these, too! (Free brush will be a #4 Filbert or #4 Bright!)


Dakota™ – Synthetic Bristle –A better, longer lasting bristle brush that performs better than natural bristle across a broad range of media. A key advantage of Dakota is that it won’t go limp in water… Try that with natural bristle!  Modeled on the look and feel of hog bristle, Dakota is a perfect brush for acrylic or water-miscible oil.  A real workhorse for even heavy-bodied acrylics and suitable for use with gels and impasto media.  Oil painters are also loving the Dakota.  Although it is as stiff as a natural hog bristle brush, the tips are not flagged, so  there is less evidence of brush strokes.  This allows the artist to push thick paint around the canvas, yet minimizes the amount of textural strokes. 

  • Synthetic Hog Bristle
  • Excellent stiffness in water based mediums
  • Good snap for shape retention
  • Great all-purpose brush