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What a fantastic day!

By February 14, 20182 Comments


Thank you for waiting patiently for us to welcome you at 10am…


I’d like to believe that you couldn’t wait to see us, but I imagine that those gift bags packed with goodies might have had something to do with it, too!


Some folks jumped right into the Play stations – This is the best way to learn about and play with new products – Shirley helped folks with Posca markers


Sandy offered artists the chance to try Graham watercolors, Fabriano soft press paper and other watermedia  thumbnail5

KC and participants experimented with pastel pencils, Ampersand Pastelbord, and Pastel Premier sanded paper.  KC is also spearheading a new Pastel Society for our area – this is wonderful news for pastel artists!

thumbnail27a    thumbnail27bthumbnail28

Painting a banner with Abstract Acrylics and Catalyst Silicone blades      thumbnail4

Spencer Poulter did an awesome demonstration in the gallery during the morning. She used Sennelier oil paints and assorted collage materials, and enchanted her audience.  (By the way, she’ll be doing a workshop here at Art Central next month – stay tuned!)

thumbnail3 And you took advantage of the dynamite deals we were offering – everything from the discount on membership renewals to the amazing sales on many cool products!


But the fun didn’t end there …

David Limrite held his viewers spellbound for 3 hours with an opportunity to watch him paint and ask questions –


And children of all ages enjoyed the Play Stations in the afternoon!  

We create this special event as a way to celebrate our success and your creativity – we’re so grateful that so many of you chose to spend a good part of your day with us.  Thank you all!    thumbnail19