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Hi all! Thank you so much for shopping with us and being patient in these trying times. We are doing our best to make everyone feel safe and at home here at Art Central and we respectfully insist that you wear your mask and gloves when you come in. If you don’t have your own, we do have disposable gloves for you.  A reminder – if you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask and gloves, we are happy to continue to sell curbside.

So – what’s the latest at Art Central?

We Just got in a huge order of new origami!

We got a fantastic deal on these kits, books and papers – and we are selling all of them at 50% off.   Fold to your hearts content! 

“While We Sheltered”

Enjoy the artwork of our talented local artists
Artwork  will hang in our gallery until the end of July.

How about this…

Virtual Art Supplies Garage Sale!

Do you have any art supplies, equipment or furniture you would like to sell or trade?  Please email us details! 


Best way for others to contact you – phone, text or email

A (fairly) detailed description of what you are selling


At least one picture (JPEG) of each item. 

Email above info to and next Friday we will include it in our next blog post!

Art Central will only post offerings for art supplies. We will not assist in facilitating any purchases, nor will we take commission on sales.  Please understand that we cannot be held liable for any “garage sale” transactions!

Check out what’s happening in the art community by clicking the link bellow:



Are you currently teaching classes?

Send us a link to include your offering in next week’s blog.  If you have any other information to share, please send that too!  And please keep sending us images for our gallery – whether you want to bring them to Art Central to include in our current exhibit “While We Sheltered” or you just wish to share your art virtually.  The feedback from the virtual gallery – and the appreciation from everyone – has been awesome.