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We’re housecleaning again…!

By November 16, 2016No Comments

Hi, all!

I know it’s a bit early for Spring cleaning – but I decided it was time to let some products go!


Take advantage of our clearance prices on…




by Winsor Newton – High performance natural and synthetic blended bristle brushes for oils and acrylics. Featuring a unique blend of hair that combines the spring and character of natural bristle with the long-lasting quality of man-made fiber. Their attractive, dark green enameled handles come with nickel-plated, seamless brass ferrules. 


Tee Juice fabric_pens

Tee- Juice FABRIC Markers!

 by Jacquard.…. Design your own fashions, decorate, make keepsake items and have fabric fun with Tee Juice fabric markers. The excellent flow of these markers provides great color coverage on absorbent fabrics. They are lightfast, and fabric that they are applied to is washable after heat setting the ink with a hot iron or hairdryer. The broad tip markers have a wide, round tip which allow them to glide over fabric without snagging. The fine line tip markers are perfect for outlines, detail and writing.


36″ BASSWOOD Sheets!


varied thicknesses and widths – great for architecture modeling projects!




nitram-drawing-by-marcy-villafanaThe Nitram Beaux Arts line takes charcoal to the next level of softness while maintaining its form and ability to sharpen to a very fine point. It is designed for the traditional artist in search of deep, rich black tones with the shape and feel of an extra soft vine or willow charcoal. It has a very smooth consistency that blends easily and provides a diverse range of tonal values. It is made using a proprietary old world manufacturing process that ensures reliability for artists of all proficiencies. Unlike vine or willow charcoal sticks, Nitram charcoal will not crumble or skip when used expressively. Artists have discovered that Nitram charcoal erases better and is easier to work than other less expensive charcoal brands.




 by Winsor Newton -These soft white nylon fiber brushes are ideal for use with acrylics. Excellent results may also be achieved in conjunction with oils and alkyds. Particularly suited for fine detail work, glazing or blending with thinned down color, they are constructed with seamless nickel-plated ferrules and polished red handles.


Some great closeout deals that we bought … visit our CLEARANCE section to see what’s up for grabs!

AND……..  can you say OVERSTOCKED?

WAY too many of these babies, so for a VERY limited time

we’re marking them down 50%

just til we get our stock levels back to normal! 

xl mix media  9″ x 12″ & 11″ x 14″ 

SR457 9″ x 12″ & 11″ x 14″

AA1770523″ x 26″