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We had no idea we would be posting virtual exhibits for more than a few months let alone a year! With the dark comes the light – we thank you for sending us your colorful creations to keep us inspired and driven during these hard times. They always give us and many others something to look forward to by the end of the week and we love to see what all of you are doing with your extended time isolated due to covid-19!

We want to extend our condolences to those who have been affected firsthand by this virus. Here’s to a fresh start and a clear outlook on a new year- let’s all get creating!

Don’t forget – our MATBOARD FLASH SALE (in our gallery) ends tomorrow! Fantastic selection of colors, sizes, and surfaces! And only $1 each!

Welcome to this week’s


A few weeks ago, I donated “Harbor Storm” that won an award in the Aquarius show this year to the Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol.  They have since put it online for auction to raise funds for a new boat.    -Ardella Swanberg

If you would like to support Morro Bay Harbor Patrol in their pursuit to get a new Patrol boat please follow this link:

“Would like to introduce myself as a local (SLO) artist.  My name is John David Taylor and my area of interest is Maritime painting.”

Top left: “Outward Bound” (Oils on cradled panel, 11 x 14)
Top Right: “Homeward Bound” (Oils on cradled panel, 11 x 14)
Bottom Left: “Time Machine” (Oils on cradled panel, 18 x 24)
Bottom Right: “Cape Horn to Port” (Oils on cradled panel, 24” x 40)

Produced with colors you sold me! Pretty proud of them! This is what I have strived to do 3’x3’. I like to do black and white paintings 1’x1’. – John Hallvik

“Joyful Tulips” Oil on linen 14×11″ by Susan Kounanis

Thanks Etty for making art and art supplies available and viewable throughout this very tough year. Here is an acrylic I just did that became a 6’ x 12’ banner for St Stephen’s Church. – Gini Griffin

This bit of sidewalk is so beautiful!
– Gini Griffin

“Hello to Etty, and Crew, thanks. You do a amazing job for Artist’s, it is appreciated. This was lots of good old fashioned Fun. I enjoyed this so much, for me a jump to new works, with NO expectations. ‘The eyes, are a reflection of a snakes skin’.” – Steve Andrews

Artwork by Linda Fairbanks

“Teddy” Ink and watercolor pencil, by Judy Malcolm

Art Central Artist Spotlight

Jan Swarbrick 

Jan Swarbrick is originally from rural Indiana and has been engaged in artwork since she was a child! Most of her friends and classmates lived on farms, and this connection to the land and animals provided her many opportunities for drawing landscapes and animals, especially horses. Jan was formally trained in the arts in California at San Jose State University, DeAnza College in Cupertino and the Pacific Art league in Palo Alto.

Jan’s love for her work comes from the satisfaction of overcoming the enormous challenges of painting, from the first line and color selection to the final brushwork. Her goal is to involve you, the viewer, in a pleasurable journey across the painted surface of her paintings.
She hopes you all can also learn to love the textures, colors and brushstrokes of paint!
See her exquisite paintings in our gallery.

Please remember to visit our real gallery during store hours – our current exhibit “Little Treasures” will hang until the end of January. Come and enjoy this beautiful art, and check out Jan’s work at the same time!

What’s going on in our Art Community in and around SLO County

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