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We need JPEGS… NOW!

By December 15, 2016No Comments

January is nearly here, and with it our upcoming show


New Times has expressed interest in the show but they need photos!

Please email j-pgs of the work you are submitting to:

NEED IDEAS for this exhibit?

read on…..

“And there is, I submit, no better way of gaining that understanding than by examining native ceremonies, rituals, songs, dances, prayers, and stories. For it is in ceremony, ritual, song, dance, and prayer that the sum total of what people believe about life, being, existence, and relationships are [sic.] symbolically expressed an articulated; as it is in story, fable, legend, and myth that fundamental understandings, insights, and attitudes toward life and human conduct, character, and quality in their diverse forms are embodied and passed on.

Whether sub-consciously or intentionally, they chose to communicate via narratives that teach about themselves and their culture. Since narratives communicate symbolically, they invite interpretation.

Storytellers choose those narratives (from their repertoire) appropriate to the occasion, to communicate symbolically their message. They offer specific, symbolic examples of their culture or worldview, or “the sum total of what people believe about life, being, existence, and relationships,”

“…story is what tells us, finally, what it is to be human beings. And we need to know. I mean, there’s no other way as a species we can know what it is to be ourself. And we’re the only species for whom that’s true.” -Russell Banks