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Art Central Art Supply would like to offer incentive to help stock a little free pantry this weekend.
This Friday and Saturday, Nov 26th & 27th, please drop off food at Art Central and we will deliver it to the Pismo Street pantry at the end of the day on Saturday.

For every item you bring, we will donate $1 and use that money to also buy groceries for the pantry. We’ll be open 10am to 5pm both days!

– Last reminder –

This Wednesday bring your art for “Little Treasures” exhibit!

Artwork drop-off is December 1st from 10-4pm
Exhibit runs Dec 3rd – Jan 31st

Participating in Little Treasures?
We will be hosting an Artist’s Reception on December 11th from 2-4pm!

Please note – because we want to see you with your mask on, we will not be offering any food or drink.

Join us with mask in place, and enjoy the opportunity to visit with fellow artists!

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Our very own Spencer held a live demonstration of one of our new products “BRUSHO”
BRUSHO Crystal color is a watercolor magical powder product that can add a uniqueness to any watercolor painting! Use it abstractly or paint with it like normal watercolor paint.

Spencer’s live demo is now saved on our Instagram. Please check out this colorful new product!

Stay tuned with our in-person events as well by clicking the button below!

We love being a part of SLO County and here is one of many reasons:

Art Central is participating! Please see below for more info from the SLO Chamber of Commerce:

Buy Local Bonus is back by popular demand, and this time the city of SLO will be giving shoppers $25 for every $100 in qualified receipts! First launched last year, this partnership between the City of SLO and SLO Chamber rewards shopping local, while also putting money directly into the hands of our local business owners.

Shoppers who spend $100 or more at small, local businesses (receipts dated on or after November 15), are eligible to receive a $25 gift card to another local business. Receipts can be emailed to SUPPORTSLO@SLOCITY.ORG to qualify and select a gift card.

Last season, we purchased gift cards from 146 businesses, had 4,474 shoppers turn in receipts, and infused $728,334 back into the local economy. If your retail, restaurant, fitness or personal service business is interested in participating in the gift card supply, please fill out this Business Buy-In form HERE.

Beautiful R&F colors – Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna & Turkey Umber Pale

This week we bring you Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna & Turkey Umber Pale. Below Instructors Jodi Reeb, Lorraine Glessner, and Julie Snidle describe these colors in their own words and show how they use them in their work.

Enjoy and stay tuned for future colors in coming weeks.

Keep Painting.

Jodi Reeb, Encircle, dimensions variable, encaustic with metallic paints and found objects.

Cobalt Blue reminds me of the bluest sky, the deep blue ocean, and my son’s eyes. Van Gogh noted that ‘there is no blue without yellow and orange.’ I appreciate this quote because it speaks to the idea that color is relative based on what is next to it. Color is relative as it is seen, according to the perception of the eye and the translation from the brain to the mind. I explore this idea in my circular painting installations by grouping complementary color combinations.”

– R&F Core Instructor Jodi Reeb

Lorraine Glessner, Windy Mountain, 9.5″ x 6.25″, encaustic monoprint on Masa paper.

“I have been a frequent visitor to the western states for much of the past twenty years, most recently to Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, and South Dakota. My work is fueled by the unrestrained and otherworldly environments found in these states. Each time I visit, I enter a netherworld of stark wilderness, fervent storms, intriguing flora, and fauna, untouched wildlife, and a strange, ever-changing landscape, all of which exhibit raw volatility and constant regeneration of cyclic life, as well as the interminable struggle between humankind and nature.

I have focused on this struggle in my rusted and plant-stained fabrics, drawings, and encaustic paintings/monotypes. R&F’s Burnt Sienna richly captures the magical landscape of the Utah desert where the earth becomes a Serra sculpture and an O’Keefe painting all at once. I particularly love the range of the semi-transparent quality of this paint – from an orangey-red to a dark pinky-peach. I find Burnt Sienna is best paired with blues, blue-greens, turquoise, a touch of ochre, and a mix of whites for an earthy, dynamic vibrancy.”

– R&F Tier Instructor Lorraine Glessner

Turkey Umber Pale is not the life of the party. It will never shout at you or try to get your attention from across the room. Unlike Turkey Umber Greenish, its hard-edged parent, our quiet friend is a warm and earthy chromatic grey that is quite content letting other pigments take the lead. Turkey Umber Pale may be opaque, but it proudly blends into a woodland fog and can mimic a lichen like nothing else. This sophisticated color is humble about its umber lineage – one of the oldest pigments on the planet – and without fanfare, it lives up to its Latin name ombra, which means ‘shadow.'”

– R&F Core Instructor Julie Snidle

Light Box on Stand

Locally owned and used
GLX-44 GraphicLite Transparency Viewer for sale!

A superb lightbox, the current version sells for $930 on Adorama. While it works great, the lamps should be replaced and GTI sells a relamping kit for $115. I have it on a sturdy oak base with wheels which you may have for free with purchase. Size overall is 49” x 21” x 5” with a 16” x 44” viewing area.

For Sale $250
Contact Alice


new replacement lamp for light table can be purchased online if needed for $115

Happy Painting!