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Varnish with Gamvar!

By February 24, 2017No Comments

We thought we’d share this informative article from the good folks at Gamblin:

Gamvar: The perfect picture varnish

What can be varnished with Gamvar?

In addition to varnishing oil paintings, Gamvar’s mild solvent makes it the perfect varnish for acrylic paintings.

When can Gamvar be applied?

When the thickest areas of the painting are thoroughly dry and firm to the touch. For most paintings, there is no reason to wait 6-12 months.

How is Gamvar applied?

In a word – thinly. Gamvar is best applied in thin layers with a bristle brush. For more information, please visit our video demonstration on varnishing.

Additional information can be found in our article Why Varnish.

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