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upcoming exhibits at Art Central… call for artists!

By February 12, 2014No Comments

hi all!  As you should have seen already, our March exhibit will be called A Riot of Color, and we want BRIGHT and BOLD paintings!  (Spring colors, if you will!)  We will have a couple of great guys playing guitar & bass guitar for us – Dave & Dave – during the artist reception.  Click here to download entry form:  A Riot of Color March 2014

Still working on a title, but our April show will be the opposite – looking for Black and White, or monochromatic work.  One title that came up was “Sans Color” …  what do you think?

Our May exhibit will be a closed show, it will be an exhibit of Kindergarten art!  Stay tuned…

Our June / July show also doesn’t have a title yet, but we just finalized it – do you remember how we did a fundraiser back in 2012 for “2nd Chance at Love”?  This awesome group of gals rescue abused and geriatric dogs, and they were such a pleasure to work with that we are doing it again.  Last time we titled the show “Fur, Feathers, and Fins”, and it was a stunning success.  We’ll be looking to repeat this performance (or better it!), and so we hope if you have animal art that you’ll participate.  Please keep in mind that for this exhibit, the sales of the art are a 50%/50% split between artist and 2nd Chance.   If you think of a great title, let me know, otherwise we’ll probably use the same title as last time.  This will be a 2 MONTH SHOW!

Our September and October exhibits will both be closed shows, so the only other opportunity of the year will be for our annual “Little Treasures” show in November/December.  Same criteria as in the past, where the work must sell for $100 or less.

Hope this information gives you all the time & inspiration that you need to start creating!

We look forward to your participation, and, as always, as the show approaches, we’ll be hoping you’ll send us jpegs to use in our advertising!

Happy painting!