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Upcoming Acrylic Workshop!

By August 12, 2017No Comments

Art Central is Proud to Host
Hilda Vandergriff’s
Acrylic Painting Workshop

Hilda Vandergriff Acrylic Pumpkin

Hilda Vandergriff: Acrylic Painting Workshop
Sat. September 2nd, 1-3pm
Fee: $30.  Materials list on hand at Art Central
Join Artist, Hilda Vandergriff, for a fall inspired acrylic art lesson. You will learn brush strokes, layering, details and background. You will receive a lesson handout and follow along the demo step by step. This art lesson is great for a group of friends, teenagers, and parent with child.  Open to anyone, lesson for all levels. You will go home with a beautiful pumpkin painting. Hilda is passionate about her teaching and wants people to learn about Acrylics. Her goal is to bring out creativity; she brings lots of enthusiasm and positive thinking in her teaching style.

To sign up contact:  Hilda Vandergriff at 559-322-6557 or email at

The following materials will be needed and maybe purchased at Art Central Art Supply.
Acrylic brushes (Flat size ¾”, Flat 1” and Round size 4) Royal Soft Grip are good
Pre-stretched Canvas – Size 11” x 14”
Liquitex Acrylic brand paint is good. Instructor will be using Ultra Marine Blue, Manganese Blue, Magenta, Perm Rose, Medium Yellow, Light Yellow, and Titanium White
Acrylic paper sheets to mix colors on or acrylic palette
Water container for washing brushes of colors
Pen and Pencil
Paper Towels

If you have ever wanted to learn about the acrylic painting process, this is a great chance to learn the basics…And have fun to boot!  Sign up today!