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Don’t Miss Out!

Our artists reception for our new exhibit

“Little Treasures”

THIS Saturday, December 11th from 2-4pm!
Please come by and support our local artists

All artwork in this exhibit is priced for holiday gifts – $100 or less!

Please enjoy this week’s

“Whiskey Sour” by Susan Kounanis
Oil Painting 
“Meadow Dreams”
Cold wax and oil painting
“I mixed some colors I hadn’t used before and love the effects. Worked on keeping the forms simple, suggestive blocks and give it dreamy atmosphere.”
-Riki Schumacher
“Robust” by Steve Andrews
Acrylic on matboard
20″ x 12″
 “Being different was the motivation.
All work was with brayers. The matboard has a forgiving surface. Enjoy” – Steve

Here’s all you have to do to be featured in our next Virtual Gallery:
Send images of your recently created artwork to with subject “Virtual Gallery Submission”, & please attach your image as a jpeg. Include your name, along with the title, medium & size of artwork. And although not required, we’d love a few words about your artwork or inspiring thoughts for our viewers!

Upcoming workshops here at Art Central


Wednesdays 1:30-3:30, $35/session.
To enroll please contact Virginia Mack:   


This is a watercolor class designed to let you jump in and try out this engaging medium through experimentation. We will push colors around, discover what we can do with the brushes, and enjoy the process. Your results will let you discover the possibilities that watercolor offers you.

We will work with various subjects and with all subjects, we will explore different approaches. You will find your best approach, along with your favored palette of colors.

As we progress, we will experience and develop the basic techniques of watercolor painting and realize the characteristics of the medium.

This class is designed for beginners and for those with watercolor experience who wish to expand their knowledge of painting in watercolors.



First and second Wednesdays of every month, 10:30am- 12:30pm, at Art Central, 3rd Wednesdays around the county $35/session
To enroll, please contact Virginia Mack:   


This is a class for those who love imagining ways to further their visual expressions. We are mostly watercolor-based but branch out into other media. We discuss all elements but mostly color and its interactions, and we explore composition, intention, and process.

CARD RELIEF PRINTING – With the Central Coast Printmakers

Using cardboard that has been prepped with mat medium the students will draw designs or images on the “plate” Then they will use an Exacto knife to carve away and create light and dark areas.  Some linework may be included. After the plate is ready we will ink and print, using a spoon or using a press.  Several prints can be made from the“plate” with color changes if wanted.  2 “plates” per student will be available.

Printmaking Workshop at Art Central
Tuesday, December 14th, 10:30am-4:30pm
(Monthly on the second Tuesday until Jan 5th 2022)

Cost: $15 per person
(High School and College students will receive a discount if they show student ID).

To register please contact Tricia Reichert
Phone: 1-805-473-8961

Central Coast Printmakers would like to introduce more people to the very interesting and varied world of hand-made prints. We are pretty passionate about all of the possibilities of contemporary printmaking and we are looking forward to sharing some of them with you. All ages are welcome and no prior experience is necessary to attend these workshops, just a desire to learn, explore and experiment.

Maryanne Nucci and Tricia Reichert will be teaching these, along with some of the other members of the Printmaking group.  

Also, if you enjoy the workshops, we’d like to invite you to become a member and join in with us as we learn and share with each other in our various studios throughout the year.

The *Central Coast Printmakers* is a dedicated group located in California’s San Luis Obispo County. CCP was founded over 25 years ago by Barbara & Rosey Rosenthal. With 30+ diverse active members, CCP’s mission is to maintain the tradition of making art prints & designing plates by hand. Our printmaking processes include etching, linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreen, collagraphs, & monoprints. Members participate in local demos, open studio tours, education, exhibits & community events.

To join the Central Coast Printmakers group,

Please contact Tricia Reichert at or Evy Justensen at

Art Central Artist Spotlight

Flo Bartell

“I am driven to create, so I escape to my studio to savor the fragrance of wax, the rhythm and warmth of my torch, and the texture and rich colors possible with encaustic.

My paintings and sculptures evolve, even when I try to plan. I build up layers, then scrape them away, revealing a history. Then I add more wax. I experiment, construct, deconstruct, and redo until my art reveals my story.
..” – Flo Bartell

“…I excavate stories, scars, and symbols and give them form with encaustic and mixed media. I work with encaustic because I am drawn to the smooth, glossy surface and the unpredictable and preservative nature of the medium.

The movement possible with hot wax and pigment is seductive and satisfying. I sculpt and paint with determination, passion, and with a spirit of exploration that I hope the viewer can feel in my art.”
-Flo Bartell

We are proud to represent Flo Bartell in our gallery. View her work during your next visit to our store, on display in the Gallery during store hours.

Visit Flo’s website here

Happy Painting!