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By May 9, 20166 Comments

Relax… it’s just for fun…  and it’s free!

Your responses to my request for feedback were overwhelmingly positive – I was thrilled that so many of you thought the idea of sharing scribbles – an “Artists Round Table” if you like – sounded like a great way to spend a couple of hours!

Let’s get a group together this Saturday, May 14th – 1-3pm! 

We’ll set up the tables when we open at 10am…  you’re welcome to show up before 1pm.  Please just let us know that you’ll be joining us, so that we set out enough tables & chairs. 

We’ll have plenty of paper, and lots of markers, pencils, etc.  Feel free to bring any of your own supplies if you want to, but you don’t need to.

 (no oil paints, please – although a “pass the painting” play-date could be fun at a later date! )

Draw for 5 or 10 minutes, then pass to the left!


Call us 805-747-4200, or e-mail us at to reserve your space!



  • rebeccaruggles says:

    I’d like to thank Art Central for organizing and hosting last Saturday’s round table. I found the experience provided a fresh perspective. Since the work was a collaborative effort, I was able to be impartial to the outcome. Limited to the implements on the table I could not rely on my go-to techniques. I had to improvise, adding to the page before me. I felt absorbed in the moment, free from judging my last stroke or fulfilling my expectation for the piece.

  • Edward Chandler says:

    Hi good people of art I’m sending this note as a follow up to yesterday’s event at Art Central and to express my most enthusiastic thanks to Art Central for hosting the gathering. I knew the session was good when I realized the time was over and I wanted to stay longer. I also made a couple of strokes I think will be useful in story telling and I hope to continue in a series.

    I want to thank you furnishing the materials, especially the Portuguese compressed graphite.

    Thanks again.


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  • laurewaytek says:

    Sorry, accidentally sent message prematurely (dang new laptop!). Anyhow(s), it was sure a lot of fun. I found it inspiring to get in there and do something new. I really, really hope we can do it again. For anyone regretting that they missed the playdate, I highly recommend jumping in on any future chances to participate.

  • laurewaytek says:

    Thanks, Etty, for hosting the artist round-table play date. I had so much fun meeting the other artists and getting to play together. It was super interesting to watch the art pages evolve as each artist addes their own spin to what was already on the page. There was no telling how each “masterpiece” was going to end up. Everyone kept the judgement and expectations at bay and just went with the flow. Each alotted drawing segment seemed to grow shorter than the last as we progressed – We were getting so absorbed in our work

  • rebeccaruggles says:

    Not sure how to RSVP for this, so I’ll leave a comment on the blog. This sounds like a fun event, count me in. – Rebecca Ruggles

  • Norene Simmons says:

    How wonderful! I will be there! Norene

    Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 18:15:16 +0000 To: