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Welcome to this week’s


“So many wings… so little space. I could have painted more of these beauties for this project. These are all painted with watercolor.” – Diane Harrison
“Hey, anybody seen Harry?” by Tom Frey
12×9 soft pastel
“Here’s a new painting called ‘Heat’, 16″ x 20″, pastel.  This painting was based off of a series of photos that I took in the Guadalupe Dunes.”
– Jim Tyler
Instagram @jimtylerfineart
painting by Mary McCrea
16 x 20 canvas

“Thank you for letting us show our work”  -Mary
Amazing pet sculptures (molded with Sculpey and then painted) based on photos of people’s pets by Mike Toppe.  

About the creator:
“After 2 years of making hundreds of small cartoonish Sculpey clay miniatures (white clay, baked, then painted) of my dog Earl, I was asked to make a sculpture of a friend’s pet. I quickly decided I preferred to focus on a lifelike look of the friend’s pet vs my cartoonish interpretation. 
This overlapped with COVID quarantine impacting. I shared a few photos of this early Clay Critter on Facebook (it helped that some of my Facebook friends had already supported me and bought my clay “Earls” for charity). I received great feedback and (this was a revelation and might sound strange)–I actually liked them, too. 
So with quarantine in place I have focused mostly on magnets and busts of people’s pets. Each are 2-3 inches tall. Eventually tweaking my collection of tools, paints, and techniques. I’m happy with the self-taught progress I’ve made in the last year and I love that it was at my own pace (albeit quarantined). Mostly dogs, but also some cats, and a standing offer for a pet bat (!).
Making them is a strange (familiar) process. After I start I’m in a focused trance of sorts and I know when I’m almost finished. But until then it feels like I’m molding or painting my way out of a maze. I can’t stop till I see the pet in my mind’s eye. It’s cathartic, fun, and a little exhausting in the best way.”

Want to be featured in our next Virtual Gallery?

Send images of your recently created artwork to with the subject “Virtual Gallery Submission” & please attach your image as a jpeg. Include your name, along with the title, medium & size of the artwork. Although not required, we’d love a few words about your artwork or inspiring thoughts for our viewers! Please note we send out our virtual gallery exhibits only when we have enough images. Be sure to send us pics of your awesome art!


Belated spring cleaning – rotating our inventory to keep things fresh for you!

Etty was ruthless with slashing prices, so don’t miss out. Yard Sale ends July 14th.

Local Exhibits

Go support our dear friend and one of our gallery artists Flo Bartell in her latest Exhibit!

Western Traditions

Studios on The Park

July 29th – August 30th, 2021

The West conjures up images of cowboys, Native Americans, ranching, and open plains. For some, the west represents a rough lifestyle that hasn’t changed in over 100 years and for others, it is a Hollywood fantasy that many wish was a reality. However you see it, it is wild.

Featured Artists: Dennis Curry, Mark Dickenson, Deb Hofstetter, Michele Knecht, Joe Thomas, Sierra Thompson, Dustin Willis, Valeria Yost

Classes and workshops


Please remember that we have a small parking lot. If you are attending one of our demonstrations or workshops, and it is not a physical hardship for you, please park on one of the nearby side streets. We appreciate your consideration.

Watercolor workshops with Virginia Mack

Beyond the Basics With Virginia Mack:

This is a class for those who love imagining ways to further their visual expressions. We are mostly watercolor-based but branch out into other media. We discuss all elements but mostly color and its interactions, and we explore composition, intention, and process.

Wednesday, June 16th, 23rd, July 14th, 21st, Aug 11th, and 18th

10am-12:30pm at Art Central

To enroll please contact Virginia Mack: 

NEW! Beginning Watercolor: Watercolor without Fear with Virginia Mack:

This is a watercolor class designed to let you jump in and try out this engaging medium through experimentation. We will push colors around, discover what we can do with the brushes and enjoy the process.

Your results will let you discover the possibilities that watercolor offers you.

We will work with various subjects and with all subjects, we will explore different approaches. You will find your best approach, along with your favored palette of colors.

As we progress, we will experience and develop the basic techniques of watercolor painting and realize the characteristics of the medium.

This class is designed for beginners and for those with watercolor experience who wish to expand their knowledge of painting in watercolors.

Join us!

Wednesday, July 14th, 21st, Aug 11th, and 18th

1:30-3:30 pm at Art Central

To enroll please contact Virginia Mack:

Interpretive Figure Drawing with Jose Lemus

Interpretive Figure Drawing workshop with Jose Lemus

Saturday, July 31st from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Join Jose for an interprative figure drawing with live model. “Experience the joy of creativity by making it fun and interesting rather than being pressured for perfection!” Must be 18 years or older.

Please bring: 18×24 smooth Newsprint pad, Black Conte crayon medium, Conte Pierre Noire pencil, and enthusiasm. Newsprint and Conte can be purchased at Art Central!

Please contact Jose at 805-234-2228 or e-mail him at $65 per person, cash payment please.

Creative Class with Mae Wilson

Nonsense Zines with Mae Wilson
Monday, July 19th from 10:30am – 12:30pm at Art Central

Want to draw or tell stories? Not sure where to start? Nonsense zines and word-bags are a great way to get your creative juices flowing. In this two-hour workshop, you’ll create a creative brainstorming kit and use it to write an 8-page minizine. A lot of fun and great for all ages, no drawing experience needed!

$25 per person
Materials included
To register, contact Mae Wilson at

Live Demonstration with David Limrite

Expressive Figure Drawing using oil paint sticks

In this FREE two-hour demo, David will demonstrate creating an emotionally charged, expressive figure drawing with oil paint sticks from a live model.

August 15th, 1-3 pm
At Art Central
Free Demo – limited to 12 seats, registration required due to limited seating

To register please contact Spencer at
Visit his website HERE

Monthly Printmaking workshop with the Central Coast Printmakers

NEW – Printmaking Workshops at Art Central

The Central Coast Printmakers will be holding one-day workshops (10am-4pm with a break for lunch) at Art Central on the second Tuesday of each month starting in August. The cost for these workshops is $15.00, some supplies will be provided and the rest can be purchased on-site. (Full vaccination will be required for these workshops).

Maryanne Nucci and Tricia Reichert will be teaching these, along with some of the other members of the Printmaking group.

CCP would like to introduce more people to the very interesting and varied world of hand-made prints. We are pretty passionate about all of the possibilities of contemporary printmaking and we are looking forward to sharing some of them with you. All ages are welcome and no prior experience is necessary to attend these workshops, just a desire to learn, explore and experiment. 

Some of our members will also be attending each of these workshops to join in and help you along the way. 

Also, if you enjoy the workshops, we’d like to invite you to become a member and join in with us as we learn and share with each other in our various studios throughout the year.

(High School and College students will receive a discount if they show student ID).

The first workshop will be on Tuesday, August 10th from 10am-4pm 

and there will be 12 places available
$15 per person

To register for these workshops please contact
Tricia Reichert at

The *Central Coast Printmakers* is a dedicated group located in California’s San Luis Obispo County. CCP was founded over 25 years ago by Barbara & Rosey Rosenthal. With 30+ diverse active members, CCP’s mission is to maintain the tradition of making art prints & designing plates by hand. Our printmaking processes include etching, linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreen, collagraphs, & monoprints. Members participate in local demos, open studio tours, education, exhibits & community events.
To join the Central Coast Printmakers group,
Please contact Tricia Reichert at or Evy Justensen at

ALSO – Printmakers out there who have not found us yet are very welcome to come to our meeting on August 1st at 2pm – meet these awesome printmakers! This meeting will be held at Art Central. We do ask that if it does not create a physical hardship for you, that you not park in our lot for the meeting. There is free all-day parking on Pepper Street. Thank you for your cooperation!

We need art instructors!

We are resuming our workshops and demos here at Art Central and are looking for more instructors to work with! If you would like to teach any classes please contact us at with the subject “Art Teacher Inquiry”

If you’re interested in teaching a class at Art Central, please download and fill out the PDF form. Send your completed forms to

LOCAL CLASSES – In Person and Online

Classes with Jason Mayr:

The most important decisions about a painting are made before the paint even touches the canvas. Mayr Studio’s new 13-week course “The Wonders of Oil Painting” will begin August 2nd, 2021. This is an essential course for those ready to slow down and take the time required to do it right. The course will cover the process from concept to varnishing your finished piece. Everyone willing to learn, practice, and grow is welcome regardless of your current skill level. There will be 6 weeks of study and preparation, 6 weeks of executing the painting, and 1 week to review and celebrate our time and growth together. These 13 weeks will go by regardless of your decision. But only one decision will result in the tremendous growth of your artistic development. Join Jason and Mayr Studio and let’s grow better together. To register:

Find Jason on Facebook – Instagram –
and on YouTube –

Don’t miss out – this is something that many never teach!

Classes with Tricia Reichert:

Find a full list of Tricia Reichert’s Classes HERE

We are all really enjoying my current online Foliage and Foregrounds in
Pastel class. Here is my painting of Birches in the Forest from last
week’s lesson.

A new Pastel Class on how to paint Skies in pastel is now listed on my site for next month. There are 8 spots available in
this new interactive online class. Here is one dramatic sky possibility
in pastel (original photo courtesy of Lia Anisgard).

I also have a new Interactive Watercolor class coming up in July where
we will be exploring Negative Painting and Color Combinations with
Trees. There are 3 spots left in this interactive online class.

In-person Watercolor Classes in the studio have now started and that
information is on my website at

Outdoor sketching classes are a lot of fun and we are painting in
different locations each week. Please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks so much,

AND – Watercolor classes starting up again in her garage Studio. You will find all the information about what will be coming up and when on her website at (on the Classes and Workshops page).  If you are interested in joining any of these classes, please contact her.

Pastel Classes will stay online until the Fall. There are a few places
still left in the latest Pastel class – ‘Foregrounds and Foliage’ on
Friday mornings starting next month. Look under Live Sessions at

Finally, for those of you who live out of the area or prefer to work from
home, some Live Session drawing and painting classes and Webinars will
also continue at The first one, ‘Exploring Color with Trees and Negative Painting’ starts at the end of June. (Look for that listing under Live Sessions).

Questions? please contact Tricia at 805-473-8961

Online Plein Air Painting Classes with Ken Christensen:

Ken is starting a great new series of painting classes available online. These classes condense his normal four-day on-site workshops into a series of 22 episodes. He leads students through the complete process of Plein air painting, from the materials you will need to the final touch-ups and cleaning. There are two complete paintings demonstrated on-site as he explains each step of the way.

For more info visit this site:

and view more about Ken visit his site here:

Online sculpture class with Deborah Flocco and Bill Gnictel

Start your journey in clay sculpture with a new online class with amazing ceramic artists Deborah Flocco and Bill Gnictel.

Learn to sculpt the human form in clay. Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

No experience necessary, all skill levels accepted for these classes. For more information on dates, prices, and registration call (845) 598-4453

Online classes with Craig Orback:

Wednesdays 10am to12:30pm (Pacific Time) July 14 – August 18 (6 week workshop)
Online using Zoom. 
The first class in a three-part series will cover, paint colors, brushes, surfaces, how to paint a color wheel, brush strokes, mixing colors and values (monochromatic geometric forms). This class will set you up nicely for the slightly more advanced beginning acrylics 102.
Out of class drawing assignments required.
Supply list will be provided upon registration. For more information and to register, email Craig at

It is not a prerequisite to have taken Illustrating Children’s Books Part I.
Thursdays 1:30pm to 4pm (Pacific Time) July 15 – August 19 (6 week workshop)
Online using Zoom. 
In the second class in a three-part series, we move beyond the basics covered in children’s book illustration I and create finished children’s illustrations in color in the medium of your choice. We will cover watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencil, acrylic and/or oil, computer art as well as other various mediums. You can continue with the projects started in the series I class or begin something new. It is not a prerequisite to have taken Illustrating Children’s Books Part I. 
Craig Orback is an award-winning children’s book illustrator with over 20 books published for such clients as Simon and Schuster, Little Brown books and Henry Holt books.
For more information and to register, email Craig at

Thursdays 10am to 12:30pm (Pacific Time) July 15 – August 19 (6 week workshop)
Online using Zoom. 
Explore the fun versatile mediums of acrylic or acryla/gouache paint through landscape painting. If oil or watercolor paint are too intimidating then either of these quick-drying water-based mediums might be the perfect fit. Explore several landscapes based on your own photos in this class for beginners or those looking to explore a new medium.
For more information and to register, email Craig at

Want to sell art supplies or art furntiture? We will be happy to “host” another virtual garage sale if we get enough stuff to sell. In the meantime, you’re welcome to bring us a small (no larger than 5×8 please) sign to pin on our buy/sell board in the window.

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