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Catching up with everything Art Central:


The Delta Covid-19 Variant is causing a ruckus, so we’ll be making some changes to continue to protect our staff and our valued customers!

We request that all customers, whether or not you have been vaccinated, wear a mask while in our store. We feel that it is an important preventative measure and we hope you understand and are willing to comply. We are grateful for your cooperation.

Which type of face mask is most effective against COVID-19? | LLUH News

We will continue to have some ongoing in-person classes, but many of our workshops and demos have been postponed. Please don’t let this stop you from creating and continuing to grow with your art! And remember, there are local artists still offering online workshopsCLICK HERE for info on other local workshops and opportunities.

We are still here to support our local artists by showcasing artwork
on our FREE Virtual Gallery here on our blog,
be sure to take advantage and share your artwork amongst
our local artist and art enthusiast followers.

If you've ever dreamed of being contemporary artist, this might be the  playlist for you - Art & Culture - The Jakarta Post

To participate, please email us at
Include a jpeg of your artwork(s), your name, the title of your artwork,
and as always, a short and inspiring message to share with our followers!

Please enjoy this week’s


“Half Dome, Yosemite.” by D. Trent 8×10 oil on board.
“Winter sunrise, Little Lakes Valley, Sierra Nevada.”
by D. Trent  6×8 oil on board.

(Based on a field sketch and photo on a winter, ski mountaineering trip. ( Foreground is 10,000 ft elevation, the distant peak is Bear Creek Spire, over 13,000 ft).

“My Dana, Yosemite National Park.” by D. Trent Oil,6 x 12.
“Thoughts of You” by Susan Kounanis
9×12 Oil on linen panel 
“El Chorro Escapade.” by Tom Frey

“Always trying new approaches to my pastels. This is a study done on handmade watercolor paper, 8 x 8 inches, vine charcoal sketch, Art Spectrum Colorfix Clear Primer for tooth, gouache underpainting, Holbein hard pastels, and then various soft pastels. The paper gives great texture for pastel.”
-Tom Frey
Painting by Riki Schumacher
“This was started as a plein air creation using one of your cigar box kits, and me adding the supplies and tools for cold wax and oils. I loved attaching the kit to my tripod and painting outside, then brought it home and completed in the studio. I had the local glass company cut a plexiglass pallet for me that fit into the box, worked perfectly! Thanks for supplying those kit boxes at the store, love it! The painting is 6×8”, on board.”
We love to see our supplies being used!
check out Riki’s customized pochade box made by a local artist Gary Parks, we still have some of these beauties available in store!
“Exotic Bloom” by Steve Andrews
Acrylic on Refrigerator door 41.5″x32.75″x2″
“A new work, of series,  Found/Known/Objects.  In this case actually an old metal door off of a Refrigerator. The Texture of the metal surface is unique giving change and good surprise, a kind of Vinyl pattern. This is the excitement I reach to discover. Was with much fun. Enjoy” -Steve Andrews

We love the Creativity Steve!
Check out his flower field creations featuring our very own Art Central hand-printed T-Shirt,
pick yours up at our store today!

 “I am having Fun. A local field of flowers caught my Imagination.” Enjoy, -Steve Andrews
Just in! Andrews Art news to share! 
Check out Steve’s “Guard” selected for the Las Laguna Art Gallery ICONS Exhibition!

If you are kicking around, it is fun to check out the Show:  https://www. current-show

Warning – some works may bring back some memories, make you smile, and even laugh out loud.

Workshops here at Art Central

Be sure to read the information and register with the correct contact for the classes you are interested in.

Please remember that we have a small parking lot. If you are attending one of our demonstrations or workshops, and it is not a physical hardship for you, please park on one of the nearby side streets. We appreciate your consideration.

Until further notice, we ask all participants must be masked during classes.

Live Tattoo Demo and Art Exhibit Reception with Dresden

Saturday, September 4th from 2-4pm here in our Gallery
Exhibit runs thru Sept 27th

Stop by and watch the inking process surrounded by his artwork in our new exhibit “Electric Esoterica” featuring the electric artwork by Dresden, a local artist, father, and tattoo artist! An art reception you won’t want to miss.

Due to new state-mandated covid guidelines, masks will be required and we will be limiting the number of people allowed in the gallery at any given time.

Hilda Vandergriff – Bird of Paradise Watercolor Lesson

Thursday, September 9th 10:30am – 12:30pm

Learn how to paint a beautiful Bird of Paradise flower painting using watercolors.  In this lesson, you will learn how to paint a loose background and how to bring out flowers with vibrant colors. Your main star attraction will be the colorful flowers. A lesson handout will be emailed to you so you can prepare your watercolor paper once payment is received. You will watch demo steps on the painting process. This is a class for anyone, no experience is required. Come have fun painting and learn about watercolors. 

To enroll contact: Hilda Vandergriff
Phone: 559-679-5099
Fee: $49.00 per person, payable by cash or check
Ages: 8 Years and older

Hunakai Studio What is the Difference Between Oil Paints and Acrylic Paint?

Spencer Poulter – Color Theory using Oil Paints!

Saturday, September 25th from 12pm-2pm

Have you ever wanted to try oils without having to make a huge investment? This is a perfect class for beginners or those making the switch from acrylics or watercolors to oils. Color mixing is a skill that translates to all art mediums! In this class, students will learn about how to properly mix and match oil colors. Some Materials provided. 

To register: email Spencer at
Ages: 11+
Price: $40 per student – Venmo or cash preferred 
Materials needed: Any Palette Knife, Grey palette paper (12″x16″), 1″ Bristle Brush, 1″ synthetic flat or filbert brush. (paints provided)

Ongoing classes with Virginia Mack on Wednesdays… please e-mail her for specifics!

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Beyond the Basics

10am-12:30pm at Art Central (Not every Wednesday, please check with her for details)

This is a class for those who love imagining ways to further their visual expressions. We are mostly watercolor-based but branch out into other media. We discuss all elements but mostly color and its interactions, and we explore composition, intention, and process.

Price: $35/session
To register: contact Virginia Mack:  

Beginning Watercolor: Watercolor without Fear

1:30-3:30 pm at Art Central (Every Wednesday)

This is a watercolor class designed to let you jump in and try out this engaging medium through experimentation. We will push colors around, discover what we can do with the brushes, and enjoy the process.

Your results will let you discover the possibilities that watercolor offers you.

We will work with various subjects and with all subjects, we will explore different approaches. You will find your best approach, along with your favored palette of colors.

As we progress, we will experience and develop the basic techniques of watercolor painting and realize the characteristics of the medium.

This class is designed for beginners and for those with watercolor experience who wish to expand their knowledge of painting in watercolors.

Join us!

Price: $35/session
To register: Contact Virginia Mack:

Remember to check out our new page on our site for all things art in SLO, from classes, to exhibits, to artist opportunities HERE

Color Temperature within Painting
Michael Chesley Johnson shares with us his perspective on color temperature, emphasizing how all representational painters – whether that be landscape, portrait, or still life – will benefit from mastering the use of color temperature contrast as a means for creating the illusion of reality.
Michael works in oil, pastel, and gouache in the American Southwest, coastal Maine, and the Canadian Maritimes.

Read this informative article by clicking HERE!

Happy Painting!