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SPECIAL Golden Artist Colors Demo and Workshop! Saturday, March 14th!

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We are hosting a Golden Artist Colors demonstration and workshop on MARCH 14th!

TO SIGN UP for demo and / or workshop, please e-mail us at  Please include your name and phone#! 

Demonstration (morning, 10-12pm) is free, but sign-up in advance is required.  We have room for 25 MAXIMUM.

Workshop (afternoon, 1-4pm) is $65, and includes paints and brushes.  You will need to purchase your own canvas, board, etc.  (4 are recommended, try working on different surfaces!)  no larger than 9×12 or 10×10, please.  We have room for 12 MAXIMUM.  If there is a huge response, we will do a second workshop on Sunday, March 15th, from 12-3pm.  Registration must be accompanied by payment, please!  Cash or check only.  Please make checks payable to Art Central. 


Saturday, March 14    

Time: 10 am-12 noon.

Instructor:  Certified Golden Paints working artist –  Judy Gittelsohn (


This is a free educational presentation on acrylic paints and mediums is a fantastic overview – including “new kid on the block”, Golden High-Flow Acrylics with its remarkable ink-like viscosity.  The lecture is an advanced technical explanation of acrylics.  You will be shown some examples of gels and mediums which work very well with the High Flow and the traditional Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylics.  We’ll cover the different types of pigments & their qualities of light fastness, and compare them to traditional Heavy Bodied Acrylic and Fluid Acrylic.  Will also discuss health and safety concerns.  Literature and free samples of paint and mediums for all those who attend. (See instructor info below.)


A Great Workshop with Fantastic Golden High Flow Paints and Mediums  – $65

Saturday, March 14, 1-4 pm.  (Min. 6; max 12.)

Instructor:  Judy Gittelsohn (

 Judy Gittelsohn wkshp 3

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore with gusto!  Participants will engage in 6 exercises (or more) using a range of Golden products with an emphasis on the new High Flow Acrylics. We will understand how the Golden High Flow differs from Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylics and how to best enjoy these “ink-like” acrylic paints in our own artwork.

Judy Gittelsohn wkshp 1

You arrive ready to paint with a curious mind. I bring the brushes, refillable markers and Golden paints.  You may purchase your surfaces of choice, no larger than 9×12, 10×10, etc.  We will experience grounds such as micaceous iron oxide and light molding paste, and will discuss layering and glazes.


About Judy Gittelsohn


Judy Gittelsohn has been painting in the Bay Area for over 30 years and has been a Golden Paints Working Artist since 2001. She studied at the SF Art Institute and has exhibited widely in California. Gittelsohn has received grants to teach art to developmentally disabled individuals, people recovering from illness or injury, and at-risk youth.

 Judy Gittelsohn Flower catching a bird 2014


Artist Statement

My recent paintings are large acrylic color studies of words, letters, symbols and potions. These characters are placed in an atmosphere and rendered like a portrait. I like to take philosophical turns and twists on these everyday symbols. It is their emotion and character that I aim to reveal. My letters do not have to stand or support; they can float and fly and disappear and reveal. Paint can take us where physics cannot.

While my subject is contemporary, my approach is traditional. Layers of blended paint, shaped and forged, form my oversized view of each subject. The final image resembles enlarged pop art. The traditional painting approach and my close look at language and symbols is unexpected. I enjoy translating common symbols into visual compositions and telling a new story.


Judy Gittlesohn Odyssey, 2013 40 x 72