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A SLO High Exhibit concentrating on feminism

MAR 2 – APR 3

Students of all ages and from all grades are participating in this exhibition, La Femme. They represent all demographics and artistic abilities–from beginners to the most advanced students. This show was open to all students who wanted to display work and it incorporates ceramics, paintings, and photography to name a few.

The main focus of the show is all about women. Art gives students an amazing opportunity to discuss topics that are important in today’s society. With the media exploding with allegations, assault and inequality, it forced San Luis Obispo High students to ask, “What does it mean to be a women in our society today?” Each student has taken their own interpretation of the importance of women. Some simply highlighted the female form, others created controversial works that speak to student-believed injustices. The students were free to explore the theme in any way they felt connected back to women.  

The project originated in San Luis Obispo High’s Art Club and has grown into a multidimensional exhibition. This year the students wanted to not only have their work exhibited but also make a difference, something that is a strong teaching pedagogy of teacher advisor Amanda Eedle. The excitement of the students was contagious across all the classes, not just Art Club. The other classes decided to also take on the challenge and it has provided a multiple-medium show. 

The beauty of this show is who it truly benefits. Of course, all who come and view the exhibition and read the students artist statements will gain visual satisfaction, but each student artist has decided to put the work up for sale. All the proceeds of this exhibition are going to be donated to the Women’s Shelter Program in San Luis Obispo making it a show about women to help women in our community.

The art department teachers helping with this exhibition consist of Mike Norton, Zach Roper and department head Amanda Eedle. Michael Norton and Zachary Roper are new to SLOHS year. Norton is joining us from Nipomo after teaching in New Hampshire and Nevada. Roper spend the last few years teaching in Milan and London before coming back to the USA. Eedle moved here 3 years ago from New York after completing her Masters in New York City.