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Electric Esoterica - Dresden

featuring Art by Dresden

September 4th – 27th

Artist reception September 4th from 2-4pm
LIVE tattooing at the reception!
at Art Central Gallery 1329 Monterey St. SLO 93401

About the Artist:


11 year Father.
16 year Tattooer.
Lifetime Artist.

About the Exhibit:

“Electric Esoterica is a small glimpse into a world of ancient practice still happening today. Whether this be a needle pushing pigment into skin, a brush pushing color across paper, or simply a pencil sketch rendering a study.

A full understanding isn’t always needed when seeing these acts take place. If drawing from the heart, it’s sacred art.

I’m happy to share a little of my world with San Luis Obispo. I hope you enjoy the show, and enjoy the live tattooing that will take place on Saturday, Sept. 4th from 2-4pm at Art Central Gallery.” -Dresden

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