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featuring Central Coast Printmakers


About the exhibit:

Because of Covid isolation advisories, we printmakers stopped in person meetings. Not surprisingly, we really missed them and the intimacy and friendship our group had developed over the years. To keep connected we started art projects that we Snail Mailed to each other often with written comments and explanations.

One project was the Exquisite Corpse game. It was popularized, but not really invented, by the Surrealists in the early 1920’s. In our version every member artist began an original print and mailed it to the next artist on their list who added to it and so on until the print returned to the original artist.  The idea was to complete your addition within one week and mail it on.

These projects kept us working and talking to each other. For me it was so very valuable. I felt less alone and more motivated to make art. We sometimes communicated by phone or email to discuss ideas or to figure out who really was next on the list. These projects were a life saver.

About the Artists

The Central Coast Printmakers are a dedicated group located in California’s San Luis Obispo county. CCP was founded over 25 years ago by Barbara & Rosey Rosenthal. With 50+ diverse active members, CCP’s Mission is to maintain the tradition of making art prints & designing plates by hand. Our printmaking processes include, etching, linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreen, collagraphs, & monoprints. Members participate in local demos, open studio tours, education, exhibits & community events. CCP is affiliated with San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, including hosting prestigious juried exhibitions at this popular Arts venue in the historic Mission Plaza.

Participating Artists

  • Lynn Evey
  • Barbara Rosenthal
  • Cheryl Barton
  • Elizabeth Kilimnik
  • Anne Kellogg
  • Tricia Reichert
  • Deborah Hoffnagle
  • Joyce Bauerle
  • Rosey Rosenthal
  • Evy Justesen
  • Anne Crowe
  • Paul La Riviere
  • Lorene Cabrera
  • Willie Bermudez
  • Maryanne Nucci

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