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Featuring local photographer Bill Rumbler

This exhibit runs from February 4th thru February 28th 2022

Featuring vibrant images by local photographer, Bill Rumbler

About the artist

When I was growing up in Chicago, my family lived in a ground-level flat so we kept the shades down at all times lest passers-by see into the house. My bedroom had a window with an unenviable view of a brick wall three feet away. That perhaps explains my interest in “space”: vistas, views, and panoramas. The Central Coast, with its craggy shores and golden hills, present these to photographers in abundance.

I often trek the backroads and climb the farthest hill to get unique images, constantly seeking views with trees you can glide over and mountains you can soar above. Most of my images are local but trips to Argentina, South Africa and Ecuador allowed me to photograph more exotic subjects.

I got into photography via journalism, taking a photojournalism course at the University of Illinois and then working as a reporter and photojournalist at the beginning of my career. I later switched to writing exclusively. But having retired, I got back into photography in 2013 when I purchased my first digital camera.

About the art

I often use a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR), which involves taking three or more simultaneous images of the subject, each with a different degree of exposure. The result is a print with more depth and subtly than an ordinary photo. All my images can be reproduced in nearly any size on paper, canvas, or metal.


Contact Bill Rumbler: or 805-459-8544