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Only One More Week of Inktober!

By October 23, 2016No Comments

Inktober continues!

We called out for more work last week and boy did you answer!
Check out all this phenomenal work!!!


Alicia Lee created this intricate “Black and White Daydream” with Pitt Pens.


Gerald L. Smith used Pilot Vball pens to record his trip to the “Wasatch Mountain Range.”


Lightfoot did this invocative work “Tree” with rapidograph pens.


Rachel Alpert used a bamboo dip pen and india ink to create the striking “Tape in Space.”


Riley Chapman used micron pens and sumi ink washes in this wonderful character design of “Mambo Kay.”


A touching moment was done by Shauna Jellison with pen, ink and watercolor.


Susan Schafer did the grand work “Better Off Without Them” with assorted india and acrylic inks.


Tom Frey did this Micron pen sketch of a “Bristlecone Pine” on location while hiking.


Nicholas of Art Central did this great rendition of a Viking with Rapidoghraphs and walnut ink.


William of Art Central made his happy place with modified Aquash brush pens and sumi ink.

What a great showing of diverse techniques, styles and inks for the week.
Thank you to all who sent in your images!

Next Sunday will be our last posting for Inktober. 
Keep your pens moving and send in your work.
Let’s send off Inktober with a bang!