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Only a couple of spots left for Printmaking Workshop with Tricia

By August 21, 2018No Comments

Art Central is proud to host

Tricia Reichert’s Printmaking Workshop

What is Relief Printmaking? Come find out!

Relief Printmaking Workshop with Tricia Reichert
Saturday, August 25th, 10:30am-4pm


Relief printing is achieved by rolling ink onto the surface of a carved block. The areas that are carved away will not print, but those shapes of the image that are left will accept the ink and form the final print. The print will be a mirror image of what you see on your printing block! Come and learn how to design, carve and print a block (relief) print. Any subject can be adapted to work for this printmaking process. Bring along your ideas for the subject, or choose from a variety of mine for this project. Carving the design is very easy on this soft rubber block and water-based inks will be used in this workshop.

To enroll, please contact Tricia by email: