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NEW EXCITING Classes and Workshops for the summer!

By June 12, 2012No Comments

Want to try a new medium?  In a slump?  Intimidated by the very IDEA of creating art?  We have a fantastic line-up of classes & workshops, designed to fit your budget, schedule, and artistic desire!

Please call the instructors to sign up!

Summer Classes at ART CENTRAL

Note – Most of these courses are aimed towards adults, although mature teenagers are invited to sign up for most of the classes. Please discuss with the instructor if you have any questions.  Also – our classroom is available to rent as studio space by the hour or by the day – give us a call!  We will continue to offer demonstrations … please keep an eye on our blog!  

ARDELLA (Jo) SWANBERG:  BEGINNING DRAWING FOR TEENS AND ADULTS  6 Classes, Tuesdays, July 10-August 21, 2-5pm.   Fee: Earlybird registration $100 (prior to 7/1). After 7/1 $120 + materials.

Description:  Everyone can draw!  All you need is a new way of seeing. We will follow the exercises in the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. You will learn how to “get into the artistic zone” through a step by step process.  By the end of the class you will understand perspective, spatial relationships, and shading. You will be able to draw a portrait that looks like the person you are representing. 

Contact Jo Swanberg at, or call 995-3181 to register and receive materials list.


FLO BARTELL:  BEGINNING ENCAUSTICS   4 Weeks, Mondays, July 23 – August 13, 2-5pm.   Fee: $100 per person + $35 material fee (for students who need supplies).

Description: A four session class for those who want an in-depth introduction to the tools, techniques, and safety precautions of encaustic (wax) painting.  Students may expect to learn a wide variety of approaches and techniques to encaustic art and complete three or more paintings.

Contact Flo at or call 805-528-7983 to register and for specifics on materials.


JEANNE MILLER:  OIL PAINTING ESSENTIALS ( LANDSCAPE)  6 Weeks Mondays July 9 – August 13  10-1pm.  Serious teens are welcome.   Fee: Earlybird Registration (prior to July 1st) $195 + Materials.  After July 1, $245 + materials. 

If you have some drawing or painting experience in any medium, you may be interested in trying oils. This class is best suited to those with some experience in drawing (or painting) but who are beginning or intermediate oil painters. The approach will emphasize composition and the use of a limited color palette. We will cover materials, color theory, safety issues and presentation and will review Value, Line, Shape, Form, Space, and Texture.

Contact Jeanne at or call 602-7817 to register and receive materials list.


LARRY Le BRANE:  BEGINNING DRAWING   6 Weeks, Tuesdays, June 19 – July 24, 10-1pm.   Fee: $110/6 classes + materials not to exceed $20/student.

Description: Learn basic drawing skills using pen, ink, charcoal, & pencil. This 6-week class explores use of line, shape, perspective, artificial & organic forms & shading using an easy ‘right-brain’ approach, with lecture, demos, student practice & instructor coaching. Students get a Drawing Materials List in the 1st session.

Contact Larry at or 805-528-8791 to register.


LARRY Le BRANE:  NEW ‘THE  DRAWING STUDIO’  6 Weeks, Tuesdays, July 31 – Sept.4, 10-1 pm.   Fee: $110/6 classes + materials not to exceed $20/student.

Description: Beyond ‘Beginning Drawing,’ students in this NEW hands-on 6-week class will apply composition, perspective & shading using diverse drawing media: pen/ink, scratchboard, charcoal & colored pencil. Weekly instructor critique & coaching with individualized student attention. Students get a Materials List in the 1st session.

Contact Larry at or 805-528-8791 to register.


Summer Workshops at ART CENTRAL

LORRI TROGDON:  ACRYLIC WORKSHOP   July 12, 13, 14    3 session Workshop, 4 hours each day   12-4pm   Fee: Earlybird registration (prior to 7/1)  $120 + materials.  After 7/1, $135.

Description: – All artists, all levels – join in the fun!  Learn and experience painting with fluid acrylics… they have a life of their own.  They are beautiful, colorful & transparent.  See how easy & fun they are to paint with.  The paint will do the work, with a loose wash it will run & drip, giving you the look of watercolor.  Exciting!  We will use different surfaces to achieve varied effects, including Ampersand Claybord and stretched canvas.    Day 1- Still life wine motif.  Day 2- Floral still life.  Day- 3 roses. 

Contact Lorri at or call 481-7545 to register and receive materials list.


JO-NEAL BOIC:  INTRO TO WATERCOLOR    July 20 & 21    2 day Workshop  10-5pm.   Fee: Earlybird registration (prior to 7/10) $100 + materials.   After 7/11, $115 + materials.

Description:  This course will cover the basic techniques of watercolor; wet into wet, washes, layering/glazing as well as a complete review of color theory and how it applies to this medium. We will practice mixing colors as well as reinforce our knowledge of color theory as we complete a series of exercises/small projects over these 14 hours…and WE WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN DOING IT!!!!. Students of all levels are welcome. IF you have been painting a while and are simply looking for some help, you are certainly welcome. Teenagers encouraged.

Contact Jo-Neal at or call 831-345-9052 to register and receive materials list.


JASON MAYR:  PLEIN AIR KNOW HOW     July 27 & 28    2 day Workshop  10-5pm.   Fee: Earlybird registration (prior to 7/20) $145 + materials.  After 7/20 $160 + some materials. (Instructor provides paint)

Description:  What you need to know before heading outside… the gap between being inspired and the finished painting is ENORMOUS!  This class bridges that expanse.  We will go from how to look and see with a painter’s eye, to the skills you need to get your vision onto the canvas. This is a studio class with talks, demonstrations and exercises designed to help you be more successful with your landscape paintings en plein air and the studio. Whether you have never painted outside or are looking to take it to the next level this is the perfect class for you.

Contact Jason Mayr at or call  805-234-6941 to register.


SHIRLEY HORACEK:  WATERCOLOR MONOPRINTING    August 4th   One 3-hour Workshop.   11-2pm    Fee: Earlybird registration (prior to 7/25) $30 + some materials (about $10 worth).   After 7/25, $35 + some materials.

Description: Expand your watercolor horizons and learn two fun and simple monoprint processes that reward you with one-of-a-kind artistic results. One process creates monoprints using only watercolors and a printing plate. The other process combines watercolor, ink lines, and collaged rice paper for a textured print.  Demonstrations of materials and techniques.  Some materials provided.

Contact Shirley at  or call 805-929-1614 to register.


JEANNE MILLER:  SILK PAINTING EXPLORATIONS  August 17th  One 3-hour Workshop.   11-2pm   Fee:   $75, all materials included.

Silk painting is fun and challenging, and yields beautiful results even for those inexperienced in any kind of painting or drawing. Geometric or abstract shapes, repeated patterns, and simplified leaf and flower shapes can result in gorgeous and colorful finished pieces. Previous art training is not required! This method uses water-based French dyes and water-based resists. You will learn about fabrics, dyes, resists, and special effects, and will complete a handmade art piece, ready to frame or wear.

Contact Jeanne at or call 805-602-7817 to register.


JEANNE MILLER:  WILD AT ART  August 24 & 25  Two 3-hour sessions 1-4pm   Fee:   $145, all materials included.

This monotype/collage workshop is a time to play, explore, and have fun while using nontoxic, water-based materials to create abstract art. For participants of all experience levels; there is no prerequisite except a willingness to nurture the creative spirit within you. This approach will elicit your creativity and curiosity; it is not a formal presentation of traditional art techniques. You will create gorgeous and unique abstract monotypes and may choose to create abstract collages as well.

Contact Jeanne at or call 602-7817 to register.


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