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Our doors are still open for walk-in traffic. We are also willing to help customers “curbside”. We will get through this together – Stay safe and creative, and enjoy this week’s


“Gratitude Tree” by Rachel Corvese
30″ x 30″ acrylics on canvas 

“I am grateful for the patience that art teaches me.” 
“Creation Codex”  by Rachel Corvese
12″ x 12″ acrylics on canvas

“Inspired by fellow creators! Musicians, artists, movers, and doers alike. Every time we express, we break open the codex.”
“Surrender” by Rachel Corvese
18″ x 24″ oils and egg tempera on canvas
“Mycelium Dreaming” by Rachel Corvese
12″ x 12″ acrylics on canvas

“This piece was made with the global visionary art community, through Amanda Sage’s Vision Train. This 24/7 zoom meeting with artists from all over the world has helped me stay focused on art this year. In July many of us participated in a mushroom painting challenge! This was my creation.

Thank you for keeping the spirit of art alive!”

 ” IRRELEVANT ” by Steve Andrews
Medium:  Mixed,  Acrylic, Plastic, Steel,
and various rods, wires  
 # 6 of Series; found/known/ objects
Size :  26 h. x. 36 w

“I love creating color gradations! These micro mosaic sterling silver earrings are made with dichroic glass. Each piece is hand cut and set at a different angle to catch the light in a different way and shimmer and sparkle!”
– Tina Ellis, Mosaic Artist – visit her website:
“This wall piece is made from some local hand foraged and hand cut rocks, and some Italian marble. The beige rocks are from the Paso Robles wine area, the black from a waterfall in Santa Barbara County, the green I found on a hike in Oaxaca, Mexico. The white background is the Italian Marble. It is 8 1/2″ square.”
– Tina Ellis Mosaic Artist    Website:
“This sterling silver necklace is so organic looking! The ivory coral looking pieces are hand pulled filati. I take Italian mosaic glass and melt it down to a molten state. I then pull it into long stringers to create this organic look. I have cut the stringers into micro pieces and mosaiced them with peacock freshwater pearls to create a one of a kind pendant.”
– Tina Ellis Mosaic Artist    Website:

Big THANKS to all of you who submit artwork for our VIRTUAL GALLERY! To participate in our next Virtual Gallery exhibit, please send us images of art you have created since March 2020 so that we may include them in our blog. It helps inspire all of us to create and try new things! 
When you send images, PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mailIt is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  Don’t know why, but they don’t. 

PLEASE E-mail your images and stories to 



Guyla Amyx is one of our talented Gallery Artists at Art Central Gallery. Please enjoy her eye-catching ceramics during your next visit.

Check out her website with the link below:

Although she has dabbled in paint (She holds a BFA in studio painting and her MFA was a double major: studio painting and studio ceramics) and in digital art (She got the bug for a few years when Adobe went global), her predominant medium is clay. Guyla has worked with a variety of clays in a variety of ways, from large scale figurative sculpture to wheel thrown tableware. Working with such variety is endemic to teaching full-time college ceramics. Encouraging students to explore the wide range of possibilities is the nature of the game, though it leaves little time for the instructor to push beyond the boundaries of the demo. Focused art making is relegated to winter and summer breaks and weekends. Since recently retiring from all that teaching, Guyla has been able to focus on two areas of ceramics that require more attention, time and commitment than the typical – hand carved high-fired porcelain with celadon glazes, and high-fired crystalline-glazed porcelains. Both of these methods of working are time-consuming and require meticulous attention to detail and process.   Guyla is interested in the beauty of the landscape she lives in. She loves the bugs and birds and lazy rock lizards in her backyard. Eucalyptus seedpods intrigue her. At the same time, the scientific stuff that happens to zinc when it’s put into a glaze and fired in a certain way – the physics of the glaze ingredients and their reaction to heat – fascinates her. And of course, the absolutely beautiful unique results of a good firing of those crystal glazes is like a divine gift. Every firing offers up a new set of “what ifs” for Guyla.

* * * * * * *

Thanks to the Central Coast Watercolor Society for donating even more books to our “Honor System Library” (which has been relocated to our gallery!)

We want these books enjoyed – please take one, enjoy it, return it and borrow another. We do not monitor the library, no rules, no regulations, just a plethora of pages for you to savor.


And – They finally arrived – more of Gamblin’s limited edition Reclaimed Earth Color Sets! Limited Quantity, please order soon. $39 each, includes cradled gessoed panel.

Every speck of pigment in these tubes has been painstakingly reclaimed from waters tainted by iron released from mines. Iron oxides make lightfast, natural, and safe oil paints. We want to put them where they belong: on your palette.

All of these sets can be purchased in our store OR ordered on our website! Art Central (

More gift sets arriving daily! Stop by during our regular (i.e. Covid) store hours – Monday thru Saturday, 10am-4pm.

And –

Art Central Holiday hours:

December 24th (Christmas Eve) 10am – 2pm

December 25th thru December 27th CLOSED

December 31st (New Years Eve) 10am – 2pm

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