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By September 30, 20203 Comments

Hi, all –

Since March, Chris and Shauna have helped me to “hold down the fort”. Through Curbside and our re-opening, they have been my angels, and I owe both of them a debt that can never truly be repaid.

In July Emma joined our team, and several weeks ago Spencer came on board. Both of them have been working super hard to learn the insanity that constitutes being a part of the Art Central team, and we are ready – finally – to expand our hours.

Thank you so much for your patience with our limited hours these last months, I know it’s been an inconvenience for many of you, and I truly appreciate that you didn’t hammer me over the head for it.

Starting October 3rd, our new store hours will be Monday thru Saturday, 10am – 4pm. Not as many hours as “pre-Covid”, but we’re taking small steps, to make sure we don’t overextend ourselves.

We know you’ll enjoy our next blog (coming this Friday) with more new amazing art submitted for our Virtual Gallery. The following Friday (October 9th) we will be offering another FLASH SALE – and this time you’ll be able to come in to Art Central to take advantage of the deals! Remember the 8 weeks of Curbside Flash Sales? Wow… it seems so long ago.

We are so grateful for the support shown to us these last challenging months.

Thank you all – please stay safe and creative –