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We’re happy to have our doors open to foot traffic, Monday thru Friday, from 10am-3pm! We love seeing you and helping you with your projects! Thank you for the outpouring of support… Art Central wouldn’t be the store it is today without you. 

Please do everything in your power to stay safe, healthy, and happy!

Enjoy this week’s online gallery, then continue to scroll down for our VIRTUAL GARAGE SALE!You don’t want to miss it!



“065” March 2020
Ink, markers, and paint markers on watercolor paper. (9×12 in) by A-ME


KC Caldwell

“Givers of Plenty” Soft Pastel (9.25 x 21 in.)  by KC Caldwell

“When we sit down to eat, many of us thank the farmer, but I wanted to paint something in gratitude for the farm workers. Without them, we are helpless to get food to the table.”
KC Caldwell 2

“The Drive Home” Water-mixable Oil on canvas board (9x12in) by KC Caldwell

“I snapped a picture of the evening commuters from the edge of a parking lot while my husband was picking up his new eyeglasses. This is in Castlegar, BC, Canada.”
cheryl strahl Neowise over Chapel Hill-Final

“Neowise over Chapel Hill” photo by Cheryl Strahl

“Heading out on Hwy 41 to Chapel Hill near Shandon, CA, this was the specific vision that I was hoping to capture on July 17, 2020. However, the reality was that the Comet Neowise and the Chapel were separated by about 30 deg. So, my vision is a composite – altered reality.  It was an unforgettable experience – absolutely magical! Miss you all!”
Thanks! – Cheryl
Cheryl Strahl Running Horses in Water - F_inal

“Wild Mustangs in Eastern Sierra” Photo by Cheryl Strahl

“A recent trip over to the Eastern Sierra provided some time for me to spend with the wild mustangs.   It’s always a pleasure to watch them interacting in their most beautiful playground setting in the mountains.” Thanks, Cheryl
Heidi Kruger

“Dot Perspective” Acrylic (12x12in) by Heidi Kruger

If you would like to be apart of our next virtual gallery, please send an image of your art to us at with title, medium, size, your name, and any message you would like to share with our followers during this time!

garage sale sign

To be part of our next virtual garage sale, please email us at with images, details, pricing and contact information for buyers to contact you! 

Terri Quinn-Faucette  – I’m cleaning out my studio and downsizing.
All items are used. If you are interested in seeing any item, please call me and leave a message.  I will bring to Art Central parking lot to view the items.

Used Easel Pal with glass insert for oil painting -rust on latches but opens and closes easily. Closed 17w x13 1/2. Open Glass Mixing Area is 15”w x 12”deep. Side areas 7 1/2” each $25  -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203

Used Encaustic Hot Plate and Wax Painting Supplies Including Brushes and Wax
Also includes Heat Gun. Great Starter Kit.
$85 -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
Used Stanrite Aluminum Studio Easel #500 Classic  5’ 6” Tall
Works great but has wear on aluminum $40.00  -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
floating frames terri
Illusions Black/Gold Floater Frame in Box-never opened.
Fits 8×10 canvas. Nice for encaustic paintings. .75- 1.5” thick -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
terri used oils
Box of Used Oil Paint and Solvent. Many tubes have a lot of life in them! Have fun!
$35  -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
terri folding easel2
Used Adjustable Wood Folding Easel can be adjusted to sitting or standing height
Great for Plein Aire Painting – easily adjustable. $40  -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
cutting mat TerriCutting Mat for Cutting Mats for Framing. $15 -Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
First and last frame smaller 14x 18 inside, outside 17×21 $15. 2nd and 3rd photos deplict 3 large wooden frames $20 each, 3 for $50. Outside dimensions 21 1/2×27” Inside dimensions 18×24. Frames with faded Photography 17w x22”high  $20 each.
-Terri Quinn-Faucette 805-541-0203
aluminum table easel terri
Aluminum table easel 17”high x 16” wide
$10 -Terri Quinn-Faucette


Pat Germelman has some beautiful rubber stamp sets available, please e-mail her:
Christmas stamp set. Six stamps. They are Hero Arts and Wordsworth stamps with holiday-themed sentiments. Good for backgrounds, collages, or primary messages.
$15 -Pat Germelman

 Six stamps. Various sentiments. All Night Media, Stampendous, and Inkadinkado.
$10 -Pat Germelman

Six stamps. Backgrounds, nature. Hero Arts, Rubber Dub Dub, and Rubber Stamped. Great for background images, collages, or single card images. $20 -Pat Germelman


Announcing SLO County’s First Virtual Open Studios Art Tour!

open studios

Registration Opens August 1, 2020 & Closes August 15, 2020

Limited Space to 100 artists.

SLO County Arts Council is partnering with Art Advocates to bring our community a Virtual Open Studios Art Tour. This Tour is aiming to bridge the gap between artists the community, in a time where everything has moved to an online platform.

Each artist will have a feature photo of their work, their name and medium, and a link to their own website. (Individual artists can contract with Art Advocates to design a custom website as needed.)




New Upcoming Classes – Head Painting Fundamentals Starts August 10th
We will focus on the structure of the head. Starting with the large simple masses and working our way down to the features. This class is a must for anyone wanting to paint more convincing heads, animals or humans.
Working with a limited palette will allow us to put most of our attention into the structure ie. “drawing”. If you are new to head painting or ready to sharpen your head painting skills this is the class for you.
Major Topics that will be covered:
Form, Edges, Edge Sequences, Focus, Paint Quality, Foreground/Background, Simplification, Major Masses of the Head, Introduction to facial features – Nose, Eyes, Mouth and Ears
Each session of classes meet 6 times via Zoom (2 Mondays and 4 Fridays) all at 9am.
The cost is $60 a session or $180 for 3 sessions.
To sign up you can comment below, message us or go directly to Jason’s website:…/visual-principals-of-painting-o…



Tricia Reichert is offering live, weekly skill-building Watercolor classes for all levels. A large range of videos of these classes are also now available to rent.
Information can be found at, at or on YouTube at Tricia Reichert Studio.

Are you offering a class?  Let us know, and we’ll post it for you!

Stay creative and safe!