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The need for at-home activities is at an all time high right now.  We can help your children to be creative – take a look at our kits below!



kiddos kits

We have started making art kits for children!

All of our kits are customizable and the possibilities are endless. Give us a call!

Want details?

Check out these deals on our Facebook page or on Instagram!

kiddos kit page 2

kiddos kits page 1
kiddos kit page 3
kiddos kit page 4
kiddos kit page 4.5

Kiddos kit page 5

For any other questions or inquiries
please give us a call at (805) 747-4200 during our curbside pick-up hours

Monday thru Friday, 9am-1pm, or email us at 

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  • sydpaints says:

    hey etty! thought you might like to know, with so many planting veggie gardens and such.  the sakura identi pen i have # 44101   then   XYK-T#49will last the whole summer on gardening tags. tried and true tested by me when i lived back east summer after summer. you can use it on the gardening markers and such. will not fade, smear, etc. *the sharpie pen and other will NOT do this.* felt perhaps you could use as marketing tool and get some of those pens selling…  😁🤩____________________________________________________________________________