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Inktober’s End

By October 30, 2016One Comment

What a great finish to Inktober!

Check out these beautiful final works submitted for our Inktober blog:


Heidi Kruger did this intricate and mesmerizing “Doodle” with assorted Micron pens. 


Tom Frey did this terrific on location drawing of a “Boulder field” with a Uniball ballpoint pen.


Tom used the same pen to record the beautiful vista of “Sierra Peaks from Onion Valley”


An anonymous artist sent in this beautiful untitled work done in Micron pen, Signo White gel pen and Pinata alcohol ink.


Nicholas of Art Central did this forlorn astronaut with Rapidograph pen, brush pen and ink wash.


Nicholas also used Rapidograph pen to draw these artists hard at work.


William of Art Central used a Rapidograph pen and his modified Aquash brush pens with sumi ink to create this dapper looking insect.


William used the same tools to draw this man riveted by the Cubs game at a café.

Inktober 16′ was a great success!

Look at how much amazing work was done:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Thank you to
all who contributed to the fun.
Keep those pens going and
we’ll be ready for Inktober 17′!


One Comment

  • PKLogan says:

    Some amazing pieces have been created. I think you should have a show of Inktober 17 please. It would be so wonderful to see the artwork up close and personal. Pam