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Inktober is Here!!!

By October 1, 2016No Comments

We want to see your Inktober work!

*** Email us your favorite creation of the week ***
and we’ll post it in our blog… Every Sunday in Inktober!

This is a chance for our community to share and grow.  Let’s see a great turnout of work!

Here are just a few artists that elevate ink:

Nicolas Delort:
A contemporary illustrator in France that uses both ink and scratchboard to achieve stunningly powerful works.  He has most likely worked on many properties that you enjoy.

James Montgomery Flagg:
An American classic.  Flagg was a premier artist in the illustration golden age of the 1940s and ’50s.  Although famous for his propaganda paintings (including the creation of Uncle Sam) his pen work shows a masterful subtlety.


Kim Jung Gi:
Another contemporary artist and illustrator, Kim Jung Gi hails from South Korea and is an anomaly of nature and talent.  Doing work on large scale as performance art with brush pens, his work is awe-inspiring to watch.


Heinrich Kley:
A classic German illustrator who was a master of line, gesture, and pose.  Walt Disney was a great fan and was known to have a collection of Kley’s pen and ink drawings.  Kley’s work was also an obvious inspiration for some of Disney’s more daring animated segments of Fantasia.

Enjoy looking at their work, and let them inspire your Inktober!

Now get out there and move some ink!