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Inktober Continues!

By October 16, 20162 Comments

The third week
of Inktober has come

and with it great works of art!


Done with a Soft Brush Pitt Pen, an anonymous artist sent in this great image titled
“Cycle of Frustration.”


Peg Allison did this imposing eagle with dip pen and watercolor.  Look at those AG colors!


Nicholas of Art Central did this great image of Tom Waits with walnut ink, Rapidograh and a brush pen.


Nicholas used the same tools for this great composition of the Furies.


And great storytelling in “Self Sacrifice.”


William of Art Central used his modified Aquash brush pens to draw this unsuspecting café goer.


William did this drawing of a jukebox hero with a Technica ball point pen.


And some more Aquash work by William.

Thank you to all those that are participating!

Nick and William had to step it up this week as we were short on images.
Keep drawing!  We need your images for next week!

Happy Inktober!!!


  • geresmith says:

    I have no idea if these images would be of interest to you for the INKOBER theme this month. Many of my pen and ink sketches are done in PheinAir experiences in a sketch book. I’m attaching a few. I normally use the sketches as an influence for larger paintings in the studio using various mixed media of watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, pastels, etc. If you’re interested I can forward you a few others for review.

    Gere Smith 805 550 1898

    Wasatch Mountain range east of Salt Lake City. Pilot V-Ball (liquid ink) on Strahmore acid free, 80 lb.

    One of my favorite fly-fishing streams in SE Idaho. Staedtler pigment liner, brush pens, B/W pencil.

    Nemi Bay beach, Koroni, Greece. Pilot V-Ball (liquid ink) on Strahmore acid free, 80 lb. Paperchase sketch book.

    Middle Earth. Pilot V-Ball (liquid ink) on Strahmore acid free, 80 lb. Paperchase sketch book.


  • Carol says:

    Art Central artists are terrific. Thanks.