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how about increasing the “CENTRAL” in Art Central?!

By June 17, 20123 Comments

Every so often, you might have tools or furniture you’d like to sell or trade out of your studio.  I’d like to offer an opportunity for artists to do this.  For example, Michaela Doud wants to sell her printmaking press.

I’m not sure if the Blog is the best way – maybe on Facebook?  Tell me what you think!

In the meantime, if you know someone who is looking for a printmaking press, give her a call!

Call Michaela at 772-7778  (Check out specs at:

Used Press for Sale $1000

It is the large table sized unit.  Works great. Dick Blick 999 Etching Press – Originally listed $2469 in catalog – Now $1530 in catalog Plus Blankets and Shipping. Used Press for Sale $1000, Blankets Included!