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Great Sale on Tee Juice Markers!!!

By June 17, 2015No Comments

Want to try something new?  Now is your chance, with:

Tee Juice Fabric Markers!

Tee Juice fabric_penstee-juice-henna

From now until the end of June, Art central will be offering the sale prices of: $2 for Fine/Medium sized markers

$2.75 For Broad sized markers

That’s more then 25% off!!!

Tee Juice Markers are a great way to personalize shirts, jeans, canvas shoes and just about anything made of woven fabric!  Proven materials include: cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool, nylon and polyester and canvas.  These markers come in 16 vibrant colors and 3 different sizes, for maximum control and expression.  You can even thin and move the ink with water!  Just draw on, like you would with any pen, then heat-set with a dry iron.  Tee Juice ink keeps fabrics soft and doesn’t stiffen once set!

To see these markers in action, watch this video!
This sale is only til the end of June  so come in and don’t miss out!