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Maybe I’m biased, but I believe that as artists, we are uniquely capable of bringing beauty and joy to others. And sometimes, artists go above and beyond…

Dave Coronel is showing his photography in our gallery &
all proceeds from his sales will be going to:

Welcome to this week’s

“Celebration of Self” by Jim Tyler
20″ x 16″, pastel. 
“While painting on the coast near San Simeon, this young lady and her boyfriend walked past. She let me take a few photos of her and this is the resulting painting.  I loved her smile and her crazy pink dreads.  She was visiting from Ukraine.” – Jim Tyler
“This is Zephyr” by Susan Robinson
8×10, pastel
“Happy Holidays and best wishes for a better 2022.” :- ) Susan
Watercolor trees by Roxanne Rogoway
3×5 cards
“Enchanting Roses in Red” by Susan Kounanis
Oil Painting on linen panel 

“Spent a morning in someone’s backyard – What a view-aren’t they lucky! Here’s the result. I call it:  ‘All Alone but not Lonely’. It’s sort of how it’s been during the last two years for me. Happy Holidays and thank you for these opportunities. Part of what makes it ‘not lonely.’ – Lia Anisgard

“Still Life in Pink and Blue/King Protea and Hydrangeas” by Patti Robbins
Oil on Linen 18 x 14
“Reliable” by Steve Andrews
Acrylic on Plywood & Fiberglass
Panel, with elect panel cover.
41.25″ x 22.5″
“For myself, there it was, I thought why not have fun and make Art. The first step was getting approval from the Farm operation. Three parties involved, a deal reached, “you must take it all or nothing”.
Tri-level, first the (Yellow) on Ply. The second is (Blue) on cut strips of the panel.
And the pump panel door only foremost.
Note : panel door cleaned, left in natural
State, slight work was applied.”
Enjoy, -Steve Andrews
Gold Christmas tree on black: Metallic gold watercolor on paper adhered to Strathmore blank card. 
Christmas ornament with bow: Metallic watercolor & gouache on black watercolor paint. Adhered to blank Strathmore cards.
Painted bottle: Olive Oil bottle painted with gesso base, Liquitex acrylics & Posca pens, Gold pen. 

Holiday artwork above by Barbara Cohen
“Thanks for all your wonderful supplies in the store! You’ve kept me inspired to create holiday art to brighten the lives of family and friends.” -Barbara Cohen

Want to be featured in our next Virtual Gallery?
Send images of your artwork to with the subject “Virtual Gallery”. Please attach your image as a jpeg. Include your name, along with the title, medium & size of the artwork. And although not required, we’d love a few words about your artwork or inspiring thoughts for our viewers!

New Workshop Series with the Central Coast Printmakers

POSTPONED – Jan 11th class will be postponed until February 8th …Thanks, Omicron…

– Monthly PRINTMAKING WORKSHOPS at Art Central – (there is still room in next week’s class!)

The Central Coast Printmakers will be holding a new series of printmaking workshops focusing on linocuts  (moving on to reduction linocuts and multiple plate linocuts) starting in January.

*(Full vaccination and masking will be required )*.

Maryanne Nucci and Tricia Reichert will be teaching these workshops.

CCP would like to introduce more people to the very interesting and varied world of hand-made prints. We are pretty passionate about all of
the possibilities of contemporary printmaking and we are looking forward to sharing some of them with you. All ages are welcome and no prior
experience is necessary to attend these workshops, just a desire to learn, explore and experiment.

Some of our members will also be attending each of these workshops to join in and help you along the way.

Also, if you enjoy the workshops and printmaking, we’d like to invite you to become a member and join in with us as we learn and share with each other in our various studios throughout the year.

(High School and College students will receive a discount if they show student ID).

Monthly on the second Tuesdays, 1 – 4pm
January, 11th, February 8th, March, 8th, April 12th, May 10th and June 14th

Fee: $50 per class (some supplies will be provided and the rest can be purchased on site).
There will be 10 places available in each class.

*To register (or to be included on the interest list) for these workshops, please contact Tricia* at

– Weekly WATERCOLOR WORKSHOPS at Art Central –



Wednesdays 1:30-3:30, $35/session.
To enroll please contact Virginia Mack:   

This is a watercolor class designed to let you jump in and try out this engaging medium through experimentation. We will push colors around, discover what we can do with the brushes, and enjoy the process. Your results will let you discover the possibilities that watercolor offers you.

We will work with various subjects and with all subjects, we will explore different approaches. You will find your best approach, along with your favored palette of colors.

As we progress, we will experience and develop the basic techniques of watercolor painting and realize the characteristics of the medium.

This class is designed for beginners and for those with watercolor experience who wish to expand their knowledge of painting in watercolors.




First and second Wednesdays of every month, 10:30am- 12:30pm, at Art Central, 3rd Wednesdays around the county
To enroll, please contact

Virginia Mack:   

This is a class for those who love imagining ways to further their visual expressions. We are mostly watercolor-based but branch out into other media. We discuss all elements but mostly color and its interactions, and we explore composition, intention, and process.

In our gallery:
“Little Treasures”
Featuring local art priced $100 or less!

This exhibit runs until January 31st!