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Flo Bartell – Encaustic Demo 47:53

In this video, local artist Flo Bartell gives a demonstration of Encaustic painting and sculpture techniques during Art Central’s 10 Anniversary Event in San Luis Obispo.

Priscilla Wilson – Pigma Micron Demo 34:49

Join Art Central and @valorandvellum in this video! Priscilla Wilson discusses pens, papers, and techniques for pen and ink drawing.

Lee Michetti – Oil Painting Demo 2:19:59

Lee is a Plein Air oil painting artist living on the California Central Coast. In this video he provides some excellent oil paint tips and techniques.

David Limrite – Liquitex Acrylic Demo 45:26

Join us at Art Central as talented acrylic artist David Limrite walks us through his painting techniques and color matching using Liquitex acrylic paints.

Raquel Kalpakoff – Gouache Demonstration 1:01:34

Celebrating Art Central‘s 10 year anniversary in San Luis Obispo! Slocal Raquel Kalpakoff gives a mini landscape demo using Winsor & Newton gouache paints.

Maureen – Speedball Screen Printing Demo 37:49

In this short video, Maureen walks us through the art of screen printing using Speedball inks and screens.

Susana McDonnell – Fabric Block Printing Demo 41:45

A demonstration of how to block print on fabric by Susana McDonnell of Lino Cave Prints using products from Speedball Art. See the full demonstration of how to transfer onto Speedy Carve using an iron and ink or laser jet printer on the Lino Cave or the Speedball Art YouTube channel. Happy Printing!

Judy Gittelsohn – Golden Acrylic Demo 30:45

Judy takes us through an incredible demonstration of tips, techniques and painting with Golden Acrylics.

Kristen Brown – Winsor and Newton Watercolor 30:37

In this demonstration artist Kristen Brown covers some of the history of watercolor and how they’re made, along with great information on blending and other watercolor techniques.

Franz Spohn – Watercolor Markers Demo 1:01:14

Workshop exploring Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolor markers! Some fun….using Legion Paper cold press Stonehenge.

Tracy Taylor – Holbein Watercolor Paint 51:06

The wonderfully talented Tracy Taylor walks us through an excellent demonstration on Holbein watercolor paints.

Hasna Jones – Resin Art Demo 1:03:34

Join us during this demo as Hasna walks us through her various techniques and methods to resin art.

Karyn Blaney – Paint Your Pet Demo 29:42

Paint Your Pet with Karyn Blaney of ArtSocial805 shows how to paint your pet at home!

Mary Lou Johnson – Pilot Parallel Pen Demo 26:53

The lovely and talented calligrapher Mary Lou Johnson takes us through some of the history of calligraphy as well as some tips and techniques using Pilot Parallel Pens.

Berk Balkac – Posca Pens Demo 32:24

Freelance illustrator and comic book cover artist Berk Balkac shows his techniques with Posca paint pens.

Alden Knight – Speedball Screen Printing Demo 35:20

Screen printing demo with Alden Knight for Speedball! We cover options for making screens, ways to turn a one color screen into a multi color one of a kind print, how to use Speedball poster and tee shirt inks, and more!