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Free Oil Painting Demo with Jason Mayr THIS WEDNESDAY!!! June 29th 3-5pm – Don’t miss it!

By June 28, 2011July 16th, 2011No Comments

Before Jason Mayr’s Show “Right Before My Eyes” comes to a close we have asked him if he can offer a painting demo at Art Central.  Jason also gives weekly and special workshops at the Morro Bay Art Association, as well as wonderful garden workshops. As a student of Jason’s I highly recommend that you join us at Art Central for this free demo. Jason has much to offer as an instructor for those new to oil painting to professional artists. 

He will bring in some of his larger works in progress, and talk about them from inception through execution, and how he knows when the paintings are complete.  He will discuss value, hue, intensity and edge schemes, and how he uses them to portray his vision.  He will talk about finding a voice to give life, meaning and emotion to your artwork, and how to put your painting skills to use for it.

Those who attend will learn about his materials, how he uses them, identifying color values, and composition. His lessons are of great value to those working in all styles as well because direct painting gives the opportunity to present and address key decisions that are made in creating a painting. Having the tools for decision making fuels your own limitless creative path.  

We hope to see you tomorrow afternoon – and bring your friends!


 Art Central Art Supply & Gallery    1329 Monterey St. SLO     805 747-4200


Jason Mayr grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas where he was a very intense student in school. At the age of fourteen he developed a deep interest in eastern philosophies. After high school he pursued his study of eastern philosophies in communes and monasteries as well as studying western philosophy at the University of Texas at Arlington.
While in college he had the opportunity to view a private collection of impressionistic paintings at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. It was there that his interest in art began in earnst. He was awe inspired by the way that the artists were able to create a scene and a mood simply with the juxtaposition of paint.
Shortly thereafter Jason moved to Los Angeles, California where he began to study at the Art Center College of Design and the Art Academy of Los Angeles. But the instruction that he had been searching for was not found until he began studying under master painter Joseph Mendez. Regardless of subject matter, Jason tries to express an emotion rather than tell a story with his paintings. He uses the tools of the painter, color, value, shape and design to accomplish this. He often looks to his heroes, the Russian Impressionists, for inspiration.
Currently, Jason resides in San Luis Obispo, California with his wife Cindy, their daughter Isabella and their dogs Cora & Millie, where his time is divided between painting on location and in the studio. For 4 years straight (2003-2006) he has been voted one of the Best Local Artists, quickly establishing his reputation in San Luis Obispo County.  He is now building a national reputation, participating in shows and paint outs across the country. Jason is a member of The Oil Painters of America, The American Impressionist Society and The California Art Club. He has hopes of becoming one of America’s preeminent painters, so keep your eyes on him.