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Hi – please read all the way through… thank you!

What offerings are on Art Central’s menu this week? 

First come, first serve, and of course, this is limited to stock-on-hand!  Obviously, we don’t expect to see anyone lining up at the door, so:

  • To place an order please e-mail us at . Include your name and phone # so we can get back to you. Also, make sure to use “Order” in the subject line. Have questions? Call us!  805-747-4200.
  • We’ll respond to e-mails in the order they are received. (Voicemail orders left on our answering machine will be addressed after e-mails.)
  • Remember, we are only accepting credit card payments by phone, to minimize contact and keep everyone safe.
  • CURBSIDE pickup hours – Monday thru Friday, 9am – 1pm.

FLASH SALE #6 ends this Friday May 15, at 1pm. 

Remember, quantities are limited – first e-mail, first serve.  

Order must exceed $50 to receive FLASH SALE prices. 

(Non-FLASH SALE products may be added to reach minimum, and please remember that Flash Sale deals may not be combined with other discounts.)

POSCA Paint Markers

Plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, glass, textiles… POSCA is a creative tool for all materials. Mark in vivid color on practically any surface! Assorted colors and sizes.

PC-8K Broad Chisel Tip – (reg price $6.50)
The PC-8K broad chisel tip marker draws neat curves and covers large surfaces. Ideal for flat-tints, urban art, sign making, interior design, board customization and more.

PC-8K Broad Chisel, Beige
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Bronze
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Brown
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Fluorescent Orange
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Ivory
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Light Orange
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Metallic Blue
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Metallic Green
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Metallic Pink
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Metallic Red
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Orange
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Slate Grey
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Straw Yellow
PC-8K Broad Chisel, Turquoise

FLASH SALE PRICE –  $4.55  (30% OFF)

PC-1MR Ultra Fine Tip – (reg price $4.95)
The PC-1MR ultra-fine tip marker has the same qualities as a paint marker in the form of a fine tip pen. It’s designed for professionals and beginners requiring an ultra-fine and consistent line in a wide selection of colors.

PC-1MR Ultra Fine Tip, Metallic Red

FLASH SALE PRICE – $3.45  (30% OFF)

Original System 3 Acrylics, 150ml tubes 

Available colors: white

Originally $9.30

CLOSEOUT price $5.90 ea

Original System 3 Acrylics, 75ml tubes

Available colors: crimson, burnt umber, burnt sienna, mars black, silk purple, cadmium red hue

Originally $6.50

CLOSEOUT price $3.50 ea

Liquitex Professional mediums, gessoes and varnishes. From gloss gels to experimental texture effects and finishes, endless possibilities!  Flash sale 50% off!

Item Name Description Regular Price

 – 50% 

LQ5908 Airbrush Medium 8oz $16.25


LQ7632 Clear Gesso 32oz $38.95


LQ7608 Clear Gesso 8oz $16.25


LQ369-318 Fluid Mediums Trial Set 59ml $19.99


LQ5332 Gesso 32oz $38.95


LQ5308 Gesso 8oz $16.25


LQ7504 Glazing Medium 4oz $10.95


LQ5708 Gloss Gel 8oz $16.25


LQ5016 Gloss Medium & Varnish 16oz $26.45


LQ5032 Gloss Medium & Varnish 32oz $38.95


LQ6232 Gloss Varnish 32oz $46.95


LQ5321 Matte Gel Medium 8oz $16.25


LQ5116 Matte Fluid Medium 16oz $26.45


LQ5516 Modeling Paste 16oz $26.45


LQ5532 Modeling Paste 32oz $38.95


LQ5432 Pouring Medium 32oz $39.95


LQ5408 Pouring Medium 8oz $16.25


LQ9108 String Gel 8oz $16.25


LQ7808 Super Heavy Body Gesso 8oz $16.25



Item Name Description Avail Sale Price

Extra 20% Off

LQ6408 Ceramic Stucco 8oz 2 $9.00


LQ5732 Gloss Gel 32oz 2 $21.40


LQ5232 Matte Varnish 32oz 2 $25.80


Stabilo point 88 fineliner 30 pc set

Originally $32


Stabilo point 88 fineliner 15 pc set

Originally $17


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil 60 pc set

Originally $126, on Sale $70


Derwent Graphite Pencils Graphic 6B-4H 12pc set

Originally $24.95


Gamblin Deluxe Oil Painting Set 21 pc

Originally $249.95, on clearance $162.50


bf316142 marker pad 14x17

Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker Drawing Pad 14″ x 17″

Originally $28.75



Moleskine Journal Cahier Black Plain 5.5″ x 8.25″ (3set)

Originally $14.95


masterpiece ink panel

Masterpiece Panels  (great for alcohol ink, also terrific for acrylics)

6″ x 6″ 3 pack  Originally $9.15 FLASH PRICE $4.50
8″ x 8″ Originally $4.25  FLASH PRICE $2
8″ x 10″ Originally $4.95  FLASH PRICE $2.50
8″ x 13″ Originally $5.95  FLASH PRICE $3

Must buy at least 3 for FLASH SALE price (assorted ok) 

alvin table tops

Wood Table Top/Drawing Board 24″ x 36″

3 in stock.  Originally $85.00


Klutz Face Paint Book & Set

Originally $24.95



We hope you enjoy this week’s Flash Sale!

Also, please peruse the below list of other sale items – feel free to call us during curbside hours (or e-mail anytime for clarification on any of the items.  Thanks!

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Keep sending us images of your artwork you have been creating during your shelter at home  – we are getting lots of positive feedback on our virtual gallery!  Our next gallery will post on Friday – if you haven’t sent in a jpeg yet, please do!  Remember – send images to  If you reply to this blog post, images will not attach. 

Stay safe and creative!