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please note – we’ll be closed for Memorial Day – have a safe and creative holiday weekend!

BIG news…

We’re excited to announce a Gallery Exhibit (in our real gallery!) to commemorate the art you have been creating during shelter-in-place.

while we sheltered

For this exhibit we will NOT be hosting an Artist reception, and there with be NO entry fee!  Artwork will be limited to one piece per person, 16×20″ or smaller, artwork must have been created during the Covid-19 Shelter-in-place.  You may choose to put a price on the art or not – we will not adhere to our usual policy of requiring the art to be for sale. This exhibit will hang for the months of June and July.  Please click on the Artist contract below for more information on the show, you will need to print and fill this out and bring it in with your artwork.


Artwork may be brought in anytime after May 27th that the store is open for business, and we will hang work until we run out of room.  The ONLY criteria is that the work MUST have been created after March 19th, 2020.


If you haven’t visited our blog before, please read the following if you’d like to participate in our next virtual exhibit.

* When you send images, PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mail
It is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  Don’t know why, but they don’t.  (Super frustrating for us!)
E-mail your images to  Also, please use this same e-mail if you are placing an order. And it’s so helpful if you include your name and the word “order” in the subject line.  If you have questions, please call us during CURBSIDE pick-up times (Mon – Fri, 9am-1pm) at 805-747-4200.

Mary McCrea

“Thank you Etty for your cool idea. I know you are encouraging all of us to
find purpose and stay centered.  Succulents seen on my neighborhood walk.”
-Mary McCrea

“Here are two little pieces I did this past week. One is a watercolor from a photo of a friend of mine: ‘Old Blue House’. The Second is a pastel from a pastel society paint out in Morretti Canyon: ‘The Hills are Alive’. Thanks so much for your support of all of us.”
-Lia Anisgard

Charlene Martyn

“It is all attitude. You can sleep in, wear pjs all day, enjoy your pets or cook and try new recipes. I wanted to learn more about oils and am taking the Emeritus classes thru Cuesta. Not my usual landscape either, but this is a good time to try new things.”

-Charlene Martyn

“I would like to thank you for finding a way to simultaneously provide art products, give artists a platform to exhibit, and remain safe and distanced.  I sincerely appreciate what you are doing for the community. I have been keeping busy creating art during the corona virus shelter-in-place times. ‘Corona Breakfast’ on left, and ‘Bella’s Buttery Nirvana’ on right.”
-Carey Lynch

Jim Tyler

“This is Finnegan, romping on the beach at Morro Strand.  Pastel, 14″ x 11″.”
-Jim Tyler

Mark Mertens

“Thanks so much for doing this. I have been doing lots of paintings in the studio. Here is what I have to offer this week. It is an oil painting I just completed from a photo I took while I was in Sierra’s.” -Mark Mertens

Geoffrey Land

“This linocut honors my son Seamus (who buys stuff at Art Central and says he’s met you) and his friends — a very special group of high school surfers and outdoorsmen. We made several prints to dole out to them. I’ll pass on any COVID positive art from my Paso students, too.” – Geoffrey Land

Here’s how your chalk was used yesterday at PRHS.” -Geoffrey Land

Thank you Geoffrey for providing this amazing quote: “I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge.”

-Queen Elizabeth II


“Inspiration. Alcohol Inks and Epoxy Resin on 12×12 tile” -Terri Quinn-Faucette

Fun art projects to do at home!

Vincent Van Gogh Art Lesson Plan for Kids

A lesson plan in oil pastel for grades 6-8, completed in two 45 minute class periods.

Students learn about the life of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, and create an original still life image of flowers in his style.


  • Oil Pastels Set of 24
  • Black construction paper
  • Colored construction paper (for framing)
  • white pencil
  • Glue

Click this image below for the full lesson plan and enjoy! 


A collage art lesson inspired by Henri Matisse

Students will learn about the life and art of Henri Matisse, and create a cut out collage inspired by his work in 2 45-min class periods designed for children in 3rd-5th grade.


  • Construction paper and other colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Click this image below for the full lesson plan and enjoy!Drawing-with-Scissors-Featured_900x

For Online Workshops with local Artists:

Artists at Morro Bay Art Association :

David Limrite :

Jason Mayr :

Nic Stover :

Artists at SLOMA :

Stay up-to-date on SLO’s response to COVID-19 and the fun (COVID-FREE) events in and around SLO county:  SLO County Arts Council Newsletter