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FINALLY!!! Classes and workshops at ART CENTRAL! Yippee!!!

By March 27, 2012April 12th, 2012No Comments

HI!  We are SO proud to announce our first offering of classes & workshops at Art Central!  Look below …  you’ll find ample opportunities to improve your skills with all kinds of media…   pencil, pastel, oils, watercolors, bookbinding, & encaustics – kind of hard to decide, isn’t it?

Please take advantage of the earlybird registration costs – you’ll save some cash, and we’ll be better organized!  We are excited about starting this program, and we hope to expand it to include life drawing and a variety of other classes & workshops for the summer.  

To sign up, or for more information, please contact the instructor.  

Note – Most of these courses are aimed towards adults, although mature teenagers are invited to sign up for most of the classes.  Please discuss with the instructor if you have any questions.  

Also – our classroom is available to rent as studio space by the hour or by the day – give us a call!  

And last, please keep an eye on our blog – we’ll be offering a few demonstrations in the near future – as time approaches, I’ll let you know what’s on the menu!

Thanks!  etty



1  4-hr workshop $65 per person, materials supplied.  Earlybird registration (prior to 4/20) $55.

Description: A one session workshop to provide basic information about the tools, techniques, and safety precautions of encaustic (wax) painting. No experience needed. The instructor will introduce materials and demonstrate techniques. Students will have time to experiment. All supplies will be provided. Contact Flo at 805-528-7983, or e-mail


FLO BARTELL:  BEGINNING ENCAUSTICS – 6/18 – 6/21, 1-4:30pm

4 day class $200 per person + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 6/11) $185 + materials.

Description: A four session class for those who want an in-depth introduction to the tools, techniques, and safety precautions of encaustic (wax) painting. Heat tools will be provided; students will provide recommended materials. Students may expect to learn a wide variety of approaches/techniques to encaustic art and complete three or more paintings. Contact Flo at 805-528-7983, or e-mail


JOY KRULL:   CLASSICAL DRAWING WORKSHOP – Series of 2 Mondays, April 23 (#1), April 30 (#2) 10-5pm.

Attend one or both, $60 each class or 2 for $104 + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 4/19) 1 class $50, or 2 for $94 + materials.

Description: #1 will include basics of measuring, perspective, foreshortening, line and tone, values and creating volume. #2 Intermed./Adv/ will include creating forms in proportion and volume, shapes and spaces in composing, cast shadows and using edges. Contact Joy Krull or call 831-386-0612 to register and materials list.


JOY KRULL:   COLOR AND COMPOSITION WORKSHOP – Series of 2 Wednesdays, May 23(#1), May 30 (#2) 10-5pm.

Attend one or both, $60 each class or 2 for $104 + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 5/16) 1 class $50, or 2 for $94 + materials.

Description: #1 will include using your current medium (call if you want advice on this) we will learn mixing, pigment characteristics and technical uses in painting, values and varied applications. #2 We will incorporate our color study and pursue other devices and guidelines to create unique compositions in completed works. Contact Joy Krull or call 831 386 0612 to register and materials list.



5-day workshop. $190 + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 6/4) $175 + materials.

Description: This beginning to intermediate level workshop week is designed to introduce you to the medium of Pastel and show you how to use it to paint the world around you. After watching a short demonstration each day of how to approach painting a landscape or still life subject, you will then make your own painting. I will help you individually to understand how to paint all of the different elements that are involved in all of these subjects. Contact Tricia via e-mail:, or tel: 805-473-8961


JASON MAYR:   UNDERSTANDING OILS – COLOR – 6/1 & 6/2 10am-5pm.

2-day workshop. $160 + some materials. (Instructor will provide paint) Earlybird registration (prior to 5/25) $145 + materials.

Description:  Ever been befuddled by color? What color is that and how do I mix it? This class will give you what you need to answer those questions. Whether you are brand new and do not know where to start, or a seasoned oil painter looking to sharpen your color skills this class is perfect for you. Gain the knowledge and skill to mix the color you need. This class consists of group talks with demonstrations and lots of individual attention during the color mixing exercises. Contact Jason Mayr:  805-234-6941,


DAN MARTIN:   BEGINNING DRAWING – Mondays, 5/7 – 5/21 and 6/4 1-4pm .

4-week class. $72 + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 4/23) $60 + materials.

Description: Fundamentals, basics and techniques are presented in the class. Several assignments and projects will be given. Instructor demonstrations are included. Beginning drawing is a course in pencil.

Contact Dan at 805-489-7717 or 805-773-4493.



MERYL PERLOFF:   BASIC BOOKBINDING – Thursdays 4/26 – 5/31 10-1pm

6-week class. $100 + materials. Earlybird registration (prior to 4/19) $90 +materials.

Description: Learning the basic skills of bookbinding will give you the opportunity to explore your creative ideas and put them to use in a series of guided projects. We’ll learn the terminology related to bookbinding and explore several methods of binding books: sewing, adhesives, and non-adhesive methods. Content and page decoration will be included as well as construction methods for casing books. This hands-on class requires only basic craft skills. Contact Meryl at 805-544-4554, or e-mail her at



6 week watercolor class $165 + materials.  Earlybird registration (prior to 4/19) $150 + materials.

Description: This course will introduce the student to these basic techniques of watercolor; wet into wet, washes, layering/glazing as well as a complete review of color theory and how it applies to this medium. We will complete a series of related exercises as well as projects during this 18 hour course. Students of all levels are welcomed! Contact Jo-Neal at 831-345-9052, or e-mail her at