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Welcome to our

Thank you to all of those who have participated in our Virtual gallery exhibits as well as our gallery exhibit “While We Sheltered”.

If you would like to be apart of our next virtual gallery, please send us an image of your art to us at with title, medium, size, your name, and any message you would like to share with our followers during this time!

We are blessed to have such a talented and supportive community.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us your business and continued support.

Kabe Russel - Starting the Exploration

“Starting the Exploration” by Kabe Russell
Ink 8X10 Wishing you all an amazing discovery

All were created since March.  In fact, I have finished nearly 30 portraits.  Each artwork is 12 inches by 16 inches.  They are unframed. Sincerely, Al Schnupp

“Here are 3 of my more recent efforts. All dry pastels. Thank you for your continued support.” – Thomas Frey
1. “Epicenter” 9×11 inches
2. “Coffee at Eventide” 11×14 inches

3. “At the corner of Solitude and Meditation” 12×12 inches

“My friend grew these quirky guys. I love drawing them and their tiny “whiskers”. Class with Tricia Reichart. Watercolor.” – Suzanne LaCabe

“Keeping my subjects local… just finished an untitled piece “Looking East from Baywood” 18×24 oil on canvas and working on Pickles and Enzo who are in my house local! Also 18 x 24 oil on canvas… trying to do both at the same time with the same limited palette.”

-Kurt Buxton @kb.artist

Karen Wells
“And 2 from after -Life:  (My horse model died)

He keeps running along in my landscape” by Karen Wells

Diablo final

“Reflections of Mt. Diablo” by Mark G. Mertens
16.5″ x 33″, Pastel. Thanks for continuing to do this.


John Langdon

“Untitled” by John Langdon,
oil on canvas board 8″x10″

“Hi Etty, Marshmellow is the neighbors cat. She comes to visit me because I give her hot dog treats that she loves.  She is very adventurous and disappears sometimes for days staying with neighbors. I did this pastel July 8, 2020. And I enjoy doing flowers from Trader Joe’s.” – Joan Sullivan


Olivia Chavez

“The piece is a page from my mixed-media art journal, I used watercolor, gouache, ink, and collage (butterflies).  I was inspired by a quote from Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, I’ve titled it  ‘Flores Eternas’.” – Thank you, Olivia P Chavez, aka “eya”

“I have been painting people enjoying being out together.”
 paintings by Arleen Blake

We’re hosting another
virtual GARAGE SALE next Friday!

garage sale sign
GOT SOMETHING TO SELL?  Please email info to us at 

Include your info: image of product(s), with a good description, price, and your contact info.  We’ll include your items next Friday in our blog post.  *Art Central is only listing your items for sale.  We are not taking any commission, or participating in any other way.

Check out this fun tutorial on encaustic inlay from R&F


Check out news from the Morro Bay Art Association here:

Art Instructor Jason Mayr online classes:

New Upcoming ClassesHead Painting Fundamentals with Jason Mayr Starts August 10th
Focusing on the structure of the head. Starting with the large simple masses and working our way down to the features. This class is a must for anyone wanting to paint more convincing heads, animals or humans.
Working with a limited palette will allow us to put most of our attention into the structure ie. “drawing”. If you are new to head painting or ready to sharpen your head painting skills this is the class for you.

Each session of classes meet 6 times via Zoom
(2 Mondays and 4 Fridays) all at 9am.

The cost is $60 a session or $180 for 3 sessions.
To sign up you can comment below, message us or go directly to Jason’s website:…/visual-principals-of-painting-o…

Keep PAINTING, y’all!