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End of year MEMBER ONLY SALE – starts NOW!

By December 18, 2019No Comments

My staff and I hate January.  Not for the usual reasons…  Not because of crumpled wrapping paper, cookie crumbs and dried pine needles.  Not because we’re afraid of the bathroom scale.  (Although those things might be true as well…)

No, we hate January because manufacturers like to raise their prices on the 1st.  That’s A LOT of repricing product in the store.  Yuck.

The thought occurred to me a few minutes ago that it would be easier to sell it than fuss with those pesky stickers.  So…

IMPROMPTU SALE… FOR MEMBERS ONLY.  On anything in the store that has a price sticker on it.

So – how enticing is it?  

50% off –  brush sets, Stabilo marker sets, BEST wooden easels, Winsor Newton ink sets

40% off – paper pads, stretched canvas, cradled panels, linoleum blocks, other wooden easels

35% off – paint sets, paint mediums, Higgins inks, printmaking tools and sets, pencil sets

30% off – marker sets, storage boxes, portfolios, palettes & palette knives, frames, rolls of paper

25% off – encaustic mediums & sets, Moleskine, carded pens, children’s gift sets, clay tools and… anything else with a price sticker on it!

*** Sale starts NOW, & ends Dec 30th ***

ho, ho, ho!

Doesn’t include items that are NOT individually priced – such as tubes of paint, brushes, sheets of paper, pencils, pastels, markers, erasers, etc.  Also excludes clearance & items from gallery.   No rainchecks!