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Encaustic Demo and Workshop coming soon!

By September 13, 2014No Comments

Join us here with Flo Bartell!


Are you curious about encaustics, painting with hot wax? If you think you would like to try this medium or if you just want to know how it’s done, join us for an encaustic demo, Saturday, October 18 at 1pm. Flo Bartell will provide an overview of basic encaustic materials, techniques, and set up requirements. She will demonstrate painting basics and answer all your questions. 

Demonstration is free, but please sign up in advance!  E-mail us at to sign up.



Introduction to Encaustics. Learn how to paint with hot wax! On Saturday, November 1 from noon to 4pm, o Bartell will provide a hands on introduction to encaustics with a discussion of studio set up and safety requirements. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with basic techniques and a variety of materials. $65 plus supplies.   (Materials, including painting panels, will cost approximately $30.)
To sign up, please e-mail Flo Bartell!
Flo Bartell - Time Worn 2 24x24