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David Limrite’s Oil Stick Demonstration

By June 15, 2016No Comments

This was a really amazing event, and I was fortunate enough to participate… I was scheduled to work, and Etty told me to sit in on the demo, learn, and enjoy!  (Tough job!)  

There was a huge crowd of attendees, for good reason.  I was really in awe of how fluidly and quickly each piece came together.  Each of the surfaces were unique in order to display a range of effects and finishes.  For example, the predominantly blue figure on the right was done on acrylic gesso which allowed for an acrylic wash as well as giving the ability to wipe away paint to give some really wonderful negative spaces & textures.  The piece on the very end even had papers adhered to it for a collage effect.

After the demonstration we brought out a few samples of oil sticks for everyone to try out, (myself included!)   These sticks are so incredibly smooth… like softened butter, so heavily pigmented and SO much fun!

Thank you, David, for taking the time to teach us and answer all our questions!     


You can find David here: