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Creative Pumpkin Contest Announcement!

By October 30, 2020One Comment

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest – we loved seeing your creations!

The Winner of this year’s Creative Pumpkin Contest is:

You really stepped outside the box!

“Witchy Pumpkin” by Thomas Frey
“Carving in the sketchbook this year!” – Tricia Reichert

“Mine isn’t carved but here it is!
Happy Halloween to you and your staff!!” – Lori Mole
“Hey Pumpkin”, 6”x 6” Acrylic on Canvas.

 “It is an oil painting I’ve done called ‘Fall Colors’. The painting is 16×20 and is not for sale. Thanks for putting this on.” – Mark Mertens

“Here are some pumpkins the Feldmans carved this last weekend.  From left to right: Emily did 2, Mike carved the Dude, and I carved the witch.  Not really that fantastic, but we had a lot of fun!”
-Midori Feldman

Art Central’s Pumpkins, Squashes and Rocks – (created by Shauna, Chris, Emma and Etty)


Crafty Mini Baskets by Deborah Hobbs
“I didn’t make a pumpkin but I did make a witch pin cushion for Halloween!” – Kimi Ikeda
Hope you are well. My new pastel painting called “Pelican Horizon”. 11×14″. Thanks! – Ji Li
“Lighting Up The Night” by Jay Bonestell.
“I painted this in September, but now it seems like a fit for when we change clocks and have more darkness. Here’s to finding Light where we can.”

As always, please keep sending us your art!  Send us images of artwork created since March 19th, so that we can include them in our blog! It helps inspire us and others to keep creating and try new things! We want to see what you are creating 
When you send images, PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mail. It is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  Don’t know why, but they don’t. 

PLEASE E-mail your images and stories to

Creating more beauty in our neighborhood…
one Picket at a time

FUND RAISER for SLO Botanical Garden

See their link below – you can participate and help them raise money!

1. Buy a picket
Visit to purchase one 6”x36-48” locally-sourced cypress wood picket for $150, or 5 pickets for $600.

2. Paint a picket*
Schedule a picket painting party with SLO Botanical Garden (Scheduling information coming soon). The Garden will provide high quality paint for your creation, provide primed pickets, and apply a clear finish coating. Your picket will stay vibrant for years! Not feeling creative? An additional $50 per picket gets your picket painted by a local artist.

Painting days are Saturdays starting Oct. 24-Dec 19, and Tuesdays Oct. 27 – Dec 22

3. Grow the Garden
Your contribution to public art financially supports operations and programs at the Garden, and your picket will be installed around the Children’s Garden for years.

R&F Encaustics makes wonderful How-To videos on their YouTube channel. Check them out:

Encaustic & Stencils

Stencils offer artists a range of ways to create interesting patterns and marks that can be responded to and buried beneath additional layers of paint. Dura-Lar stencils work well with encaustic because they have a high heat tolerance and will not tear. In their newest demo video, you’ll learn how to use Dura-Lar stencils with PanPastel, encaustic paint, and Pigment Sticks®. The stencils featured in this video were created by R&F Core Instructor Leslie Giuliani and can be purchased on her website. We also have a selection of creative stencils here at Art Central.

You can watch their new demo video on R&F’s YouTube channel. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of their upcoming demos. To read their blog post on stencils with step-by-step instructions and a helpful tip, visit R&F’s blog Unique Color

Enjoy. Keep painting.
Visit R&F’s Resources Page Here!

View SLO County Arts Council’s Newest Newsletter HERE

* * * REMINDERS * * *

Rosanne Seitz’s beautiful exhibit “I’ll Take You There” will grace the walls of our gallery until November 23 – Don’t miss it!

THEN – Our “LITTLE TREASURES” exhibit will go up right before Thanksgiving – please participate! Click here for the ENTRY FORM

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