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Hi all,

We are so happy to see everyone creating beauty in this not-so-beautiful situation.

We had a great response to our last blog post.  See images below from our customers who are taking this time to get re-inspired!

For those who are looking to go even further with your own artistic ventures, our dear friend David Limrite has started an online Critique Week, an amazing opportunity  where he will be conducting 2 live critiques per day starting this Sunday, April 5 – Saturday, April 11, starting at 11 am.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.02.46 AM.png

He will be choosing 14 lucky artists, from all of the work submitted, to receive a critique. He still has spaces available, so we really encourage you to sign up and submit art. Click this image for more info.

Thank you to everyone who sent us images of their quarantine creations! Here are a few of what we’ve gotten, and remember – keep creating and keep sending us images to inspire others

Linda Truax.jpg

“I  love ‘ And the people stayed home’! I enjoyed playing with the colors in this watercolor last week.”  -Linda Truax

“These are some watercolors I have done. I’m trying to draw and paint one picture or card a day. I draw in pencil and then go over with a scripto pen, and then add the watercolors.”  -Sandy Grisham

Mary Lou Johnson

“This is a practice piece for final project. Needs to be cleaned up. Learning all about gilding and gesso. This was lettered with water color. Gold leafing is much easier with gesso and an acrylic activator. Lettering style is Black Letter.”  -Mary Lou

Barbara Rosenthal
“Acrylic and collage by Barbara Rosenthal”

“Here are some paintings that I have done since isolating.  I hope they inspire someone! Stay well all!  Sincerely, Nancy David”

“Crazy what is going right now.  I don’t know how things are in the states. I hear people are fighting over toilet paper.   Who would have thought it?” -Aileen Parmenter – in Ecuador

Ardella Swanberg

“I  have a huge stash of cotton prints that I planned to use to make dolls.  When I heard that we would run out of face masks I started making them.  It makes me feel useful.  This is a photo of my first 20 that went out to nursing homes this morning.” -Ardella Swanberg

Patti Everett

“Here’s an 11” x 14” watercolor (all ArtCentral materials!) recently completed in my garage “studio” (next to my parked car)😆. Stay Safe.” -Patti Everett

“All mixed media on cradled board” -Emily Emanuel

a.e. Bean

“When you’re stuck in the house, you sketch what you got.”  -a.e.bean

Barbara Cohen

“I  had a great time creating art with my little grandkids via Zoom. We live in Paso, they’re in San Diego.  I sent them the materials and their moms helped with set up and guidance.  Messy, but oh so fun! Brusho pigments on Yupo paper.  My 9 year old grandson entitled this one: ‘To Life!’ So appropriate at this time. To me this looks like a vintage Japanese art piece.  I dropped white acrylic ink onto a dry Brush piece using a rigger brush. Peace,”  – Barbara Cohen

Mary McCrea

“Forest scene in Austria” -Mary McCrea

Charlene Martyn

“Collage ‘groceries for Grandma’ Love your papers!”  -Charlene Martyn

Shauna Jellison.jpg

“I’ve been using this time to get back into oils which I normally don’t have time for! These are a few of my forest series I just started.”   –Shauna Jellison 

Lia Anisgard
“Pastel color study on Canson MiTientes of a scene on the Avila Beach Golf Course. ‘Up the Lazy River’ Golf Course was closed to golfers on the first day of the quarantine so did the course instead of the Bob Jones Trail and found some wonderful areas I didn’t know about.”

-Lia Anisgard

“Trying to remain creative is always difficult. With today’s circumstances it can be even tougher. But if you can manage to harness the chaos of the day, you’ll have an endless supply of creative energy to work with.” -Chris @


“The Agony or The Ecstasy” -Deborah Hobbs

SPECIAL HOURS!  Curbside Pickup ONLY

Next week Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am to 12pm.
As mentioned in my previous blog, all orders need to be e-mailed or called in (I prefer e-mail).  Then I’ll put your order together, get a total, and call you for your credit card #.  Then you can pick up. ( , (805)747-4200 )

If you can’t pick up because you are in a high risk group, please call me and we will work something out. We appreciate your patience and support during these hard times.  Thank you!

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