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Join us in welcoming local Watercolor artist Jan French to our gallery!

Jan has been a watercolorist, commercial artist, & illustrator for over 40 years, and a Plein Air fine artist even longer. She possesses a style that embodies classical discipline with the fluidity that comes from allowing paint to express itself. Her work is in collections throughout California and a few places in Europe. Find her beautiful paintings at our gallery during store hours and visit her website:

Artist Statement:

“I work with pretty much straight, classic watercolor technique, but allow for a little more fluidity of the paint by manipulating the paper/board angle and encouraging the various ‘accidental’ paint interactions. My eye is drawn to the abstract patterns that develop in natural relationships.

I try to isolate myself from trends and the natural tendency to paint only what is marketable by focusing on a more or less academic study of the progenitors of the artists I most admire – the California Impressionists from the (previous) turn of the century. They were holding the ground gained by the French Impressionists in all their youthful fervor, and settling in to portray more realistically their vanishing world.  Their new aesthetic tools were refined by comprehension of classical standards, the time-honored foundations that give solidity to any art form.

Winslow Homer advised ‘…when you paint, try to put down exactly what you see. Whatever else you have to offer will come out anyway.’

“I hope to succeed in training my eye to a pure vision.” – Jan French

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We will be hosting our 4th annual Scholarship Fundraiser “GARAGE SALE”
MARCH 8th – 13th in our Gallery!

Come and browse through gently used art supplies, generously donated by local artists – All proceeds go towards creating scholarships for graduating local high school students continuing on to study art in college. See pictures below – a tiny sampling of supplies already donated – and more coming in! Big thanks to SLOMA – they donated a huge carload of children’s paint and supplies! And, of course, big thanks to all of you who donated supplies. This is going to be an amazing fundraiser!

Please bring cash to purchase fundraiser items...
We cannot accept credit or debit cards for these items, and appreciate your understanding.

Huge thanks to Morro Bay Art Association for helping to facilitate this fundraiser!

If you wish to donate: Please drop off your gently used art supplies or art furniture by March 8th during store hours. Last year we helped raise enough money for 5 scholarships, thanks to you!

Welcome to this week’s


“My Journey” by Riki Schumacher
8×8” cold wax and oil on Ampersand board

“I’m new to oils and cold wax, and have been learning with them for awhile. This is one of my first landscapes. I love the lusciousness of the mixtures, and how forgiving they are compared to acrylics. Learning is a wonderful journey! This was painted entirely with scrapers. Thanks!”
– Riki Schumacher

Paintings by John Hallvik 18″x 18″ and 12″x12″. Used same colors for both! -John H.

“blomsten og vasen” by Gwynn Birch acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24
“Hello Art Central! I’ve really been enjoying the virtual gallery.
Here is a painting of  mine from late last year.
Take care and stay safe.” -Gwynn
“This is a 9×12 pastel done at a recent CPS Plein Air session at Santa Margarita Lake” Artwork by Thomas Frey
“Daisy Days” by Susan Kounanis, 9×12 Oil on linen panel
“My daughter suggested that I paint something bright with a light background.  Thank you Sarah!! Thank you!!!” -Susan Kounanis
“Velvet Three” by Susan Kounanis
Oil on linen, 9×12
” Perpetual Change ” by Steve Andrews
Acrylic on Mat board, 19″ x 12″
“The Mat board is on top of BFK Rives
Black paper.  Part of the work being the
Great deco edge. I do enjoy the look of it, the cut Mat gives
Movement.”  – Thank You, Steve Andrews

“Hopefully, we have a brighter time ahead, healthy and safe. It’s been helpful to paint during these challenging times. I’m grateful for time, materials, and beautiful surroundings that inspire me. Hope you enjoy these 2 paintings. This acrylic painting, “Under Bridget’s Bower” feels spring-like, happy. I painted “Furry Friend” on a piece of discarded wood I found while walking my dog, Wylie. I hope you’re creating when you can.  Thank you, Jay Bonestell.”

“It’s fun & satisfying to work on projects for so long, & finally have them done, & ready to share. I’m very grateful that I can ‘play with glass’ to work out whimsical designs in this intense time. Hope you’re healthy out there reading this, being creative when you can.
Just out of the kiln this week. Once I found these vintage gold tea cups, I was compelled to make another corset. Enjoy these contemporary sculptures, “Goldilocks” & “Lustre Teas.” Featuring fused & formed glass, vintage gold tea cups, & found objects, 22 x 10 x 5.” Thank you for your interest in my creations, Larry Le Brane.”

Here’s all you have to do to be featured in our next Virtual Gallery:
Send images of your recently created artwork to with subject “Virtual Gallery Submission”, & please attach your image as a jpeg. Include your name, along with the title, medium & size of artwork. And although not required, we’d love a few words about your artwork or inspiring thoughts for our viewers!

We have new Frames!
With the amount of requests we have been getting, we figured it was time to increase our framing options here so come in and check out our beautiful new frames.

Stay up-to-date with our Art World in and around SLO

Be sure to tune into Facebook for a Virtual Art After Dark, follow instructions HERE

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Virtual Field Trips

Arts Educational Resources

Children’s Classes with June Li:

“As a mother, I feel a special connection to children and supporting their creativity. It is so beautiful to share with them the world of possibilities of color, line, shape, and expression, watching their delight as they create something of their very own.
I know that during this time, kids and families are experiencing some of the most difficult times, with school being mostly online and parents juggling a lot more than ever before.
Painting and making art together can deeply help soothe the stress and anxiety of life, bringing balance, joy and wonder.
Contact June to set up a private class for your family or your kids.
View her site HERE

 Classes with Tricia Reichert:

For the month of March on Tuesday mornings there will be a new *Nature Sketching* class where we will be drawing with a pen and using a little watercolor to depict subjects both from life and photographs. You will find this class under Live Sessions as above, look for the options for other *Webinar* classes under Webinars on
– If you prefer to work at your own pace, or on your own schedule, there are many skill building watercolor video classes available under *Videos* and *Courses* on or watch her YouTube videos HERE

Classes with Jason Mayr:

Mayr Studio – Online Courses for Artistic Development
Charcoal Sketching – The Fundamental Forms. Only $25 for 28 lessons within the course.
Jason resides in San Luis Obispo, California with his wife Cindy, their daughter Isabella and their dogs Millie & Beau, where his time is divided between painting and teaching painting. For 4 years straight (2003-2006) he was voted one of the Best Local Artists, quickly establishing his reputation in San Luis Obispo County. View Jason’s YouTube series HERE

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