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Collaborative Art Project this Saturday

By March 6, 2017One Comment

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Let’s create something BIG!


Collaborative Painting Project THIS  Saturday, March 11th, 10am -4pm

 FREE … ages 10 to 110 are welcome

Our names are Jillian Rice and Israel Dedina. A few months ago we started working on a social art project. We wanted to see if we could try to paint social interactions. We started to invite people to paint with us when we painted in our studio along with when we took our paintings to various music festivals. Throughout the process we have begun to develop two different styles of our “collaborative painting”. In one process we invite people to add and contribute whatever they want, wherever they want. At the beginning the painting looks like a jumbled mess but as time goes on stories emerge. collaboration 24
After doing this a number of times we started to notice trends in the way people added. This is when the second style of our collaborative work emerged. For this one we still invite people to add to pieces but we first ask them to watch what we are doing and if they still want to add we invite them to do so in a way that will add to what we are trying to do. We find that people that have never painted before can contribute as much to a piece as someone who has painted their whole life. 
collaboration 10
For this event we will be exploring both styles simultaneously. For this to be possible we need your help. Please join us on March 11 from 10-4 to explore the world of social painting, help make something cool, and enjoy yourself. No experience is necessary.
Sign-ups are not necessary – just show up when you want, and stay as long as you’d like

Join us at Art Central this Saturday, March 11th, any time between 10am-4pm for this intriguing event!

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